Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inconvenient Truths series - Table of Contents - Updated

I am publishing a series of posts tagged Inconvenient Truths which will either be my own commentary or the stories of and written by others who are being subjected to malicious persecution, organized stalking and other forms of harassment.

This post will be updated each time I add a new name to the list of links at the end.

This series is not intended to disparage Canada's politicians, police, intelligence or defence agencies in any way. These agencies consist of numerous dedicated, hard-working, honest people who often put their lives on the line for us and deserve our respect.

It's an appeal to those honest and ethical politicians, police, intelligence and defense leaders and individuals, who I believe make up the majority to pay attention to the problem of Rogue and Mercenary elements in their midst and the damage that their Abuses of Power are heaping on ordinary, innocent Canadian citizens. 

Citizens, who in many cases have done nothing to justify this abuse and in some cases their only crime is that they engaged in legitimate dissent.

Covering up for these rogue and mercenary elements enables and strengthens them, allowing them to  undermine the very fabric of our democracy.

We need to protect our Democracy by holding them legally accountable.

Please note that the articles that are written by others do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions nor do I necessarily agree with the analysis of their personal situations that they've provided.

I am posting them because I believe that these individuals are telling the truth about the fact that they are being victimized in the way that they claim and deserve to be supported.

This type of malicious persecution, organized stalking and harassment needs to end and investigations need to be done to determine who the actual source of these crimes is.

Inconvenient Truths

1. Julian Assange. Opinion

2. Kevin Annett. Original source: Personal Interview

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