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National Stalking Awareness Month : January

January is National Stalking Awareness month.

In honour of this tradition I will be posting articles intended to educate and enhance people’s awareness and understanding of this crime. Some of the better articles I posted last year will also be recycled as will articles by others on this topic.

In fact, I plan to focus most of my attention on the topic of Stalking for the entire year of 2012.


Mainly because current anti-stalking legislation in Canada is woefully inadequate, doesn’t describe or deal with the full nature of the crime, and the sentences are not reflective of the type of impact the crime has on its victims, psychologically, emotionally, socially, economically, etc.

In the US, while the legislation is strong and despite President Obama’s supportive stance on the issue, the laws are simply not enforced to the degree that they should be given the serious impact this crime has on it’s victims.

Why is this the case?

There appear to be two major reasons for this:
  1. Stalking is still incorrectly seen solely as a “one on one” crime. That is, a single obsessed stalker targeting a single victim. The basic legislation that most countries have on their books describes only this style of the crime and even that legislation is inadequate because it doesn’t take into account new technology. One’s activity can now be monitored far more comprehensively without directly following a victim. Threats are more often than not implicit in the acts committed rather than explicit.
  2. Organized Stalking, that is, stalking by groups like criminal gangs, members of the wealthy elite, corporations, institutions, or the state (including police, military and intelligence agencies) who are targeting and punishing whistle-blowers, who have members who are abusing their power to target people they don’t like or don’t agree with, etc. is not recognized as a Stalking crime in Canada except in the most peripheral way. While legal arguments can still be made, the process is unnecessarily complex since it would involve numerous different criminal charges instead of being under the umbrella of a single charge and recognized as a single crime. 
The reason that legislation is strong in the US and that the American legislation recognizes the Organized Stalking style of the crime is because, from a historical perspective, the American legislation was developed specifically to protect African Americans from Ku Klux Klan style Organized Stalking.

Yes, it was the Klan which developed these techniques initially. The German Stasi just enhanced these techniques already developed by the Klan, and applied psychological and sociological principles to them giving them a more systematic and scientific approach. Naturally this had the effect of making these techniques far more effective and lethal.

Turning a blind eye to this crime not only enables the horrific victimization of hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world but it actively undermines our Democratic systems world-wide.

It undermines our Democratic system because many of the techniques rely on corruption, bribery, abuse of power, and numerous other criminal acts which are often occurring at the highest levels of our society or committed by those provided with special trust by our society like Medical Professionals and Police and Intelligence Officers. This is particularly true when members of the wealthy elite are the Stalkers, where whistle-blowers are being systematically targeted by corporations, institutions or the state, or where victims are the targets of illegal experimentation by corporations and possibly governments who are developing new technologies whether they be hardware, software, or social psychology techniques for social control and psychological warfare.

The use of Organized Stalking as a means of social persecution is a perfect example of the morally bankrupt concept of, The Ends Justify the Means, and in my opinion, it’s a technique that’s only used by psychopaths and the morally bankrupt.

A very good article on the related topic of Adult Bullying:

Adult Bullying: Is It Happening To You, by Susan McClelland of Canadian Living.

Organized Stalking, as one American Police Officer, interviewed in the following news story, put it, is Bullying On Steroids.

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