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Profile Of A Stalker

Republished blog post. Original publication date: March 6, 2012.

National Stalking Awareness month is coming to an end but this blog will be focusing on this topic all year in an effort to educate the public on this horrific crime.

All of my past posts on this topic can be viewed by scrolling down to the Labels section and selecting the term “stalking”.

What is a stalker and why does someone stalk?

According to Katherine Ramsland, author of Stalkers: The Psychological Terrorists:
“Another method of categorizing stalkers comes from the team who wrote the FBI's Crime Classification Manual:
  1. Non-domestic stalker, who has no personal relationship with the victim
  2. Organized (based in a calculated, controlled aggression)
  3. Delusional (based in a fixation like erotomania)
  4. Domestic stalker, who has had a prior relationship with the victim and feels motivated to continue the relationship; this constitutes around 60 percent of stalkers and the aggression often culminates in violence.
Stalkers tend to be unemployed or underemployed, but are smarter than other criminals. They often have a history of failed intimate relationships. They tend to devalue their victims and to sexualize them. They also idealize certain people, minimize what they are doing to resist, project onto people motives and actions that have no basis in truth, and rationalize that the target person deserves to be harassed and violated.”
This description is relatively consistent with the descriptions provided by victims of stalking whether they know who is stalking them or not. Oftentimes victims are unaware of who is stalking them or what they may have done to incite such behaviour. Most, if not all, victims did nothing to justify this except in the often deranged minds of the stalker themselves.
As per Ms. Ramsland:
“Stalkers who are also psychopaths, Meloy says, experience only low levels of empathy or an absence of it altogether. Their relationships tend to be sadistic, based in power over others. He said he believes that this is associated with a lack of early attachment to others in the family. Meloy claims that psychopaths are biologically predisposed to antisocial activity because they have a hyper-reactive autonomic nervous system. Crime or exploiting others excites them. That means they're motivated to do things that heighten their nervous system and have no real conscience about hurting others.

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that every year over a million and a half people are stalked, over two-thirds of them women. Ninety percent of women killed by husbands or boyfriends had first been stalked. One in 12 women and one in 45 men in the U.S. - about 10 million people - has been or will be stalked sometime in the future. . (Among celebrities and other high-profile people alone, one security company has amassed over 300,000 communications. 

While many stalkers only threaten harm, a small percentage carry out their threats, damaging property or harming pets. With the rise in popularity of the Internet, cyber-stalking has become yet another avenue of danger. Many stalkers have a prior criminal record and show evidence of substance abuse, a mood disorder, a personality disorder, or psychosis. At least half of all stalkers threaten their victims, which increases the possibility of violence. Frequency of violence averages 25 to 35 percent, with most violence occurring between people who have been romantically involved in the past.”
Some American police departments, not all, also understand and recognize the crime of Organized Stalking where groups of people are recruited from the community through community groups such as Churches, Neighbourhood Watch organizations, Recreational organizations such as the YMCA/YWCA as well local organized gangs (both youth and adult), etc. to participate in and to encourage their social groups to participate in malicious persecution and harassment campaigns against the victim. This crime is not recognized either by Canadian Law or any Canadian police forces to my knowledge. Not as a single crime anyway. Many of the individual acts are criminal though.

And yet there is solid evidence that this crime occurs in exactly the way that victims are describing that it occurs.  That is, groups of people are recruited to fabricate malicious stories about victims and report those lies to the police (or other officials) to incite police (or other official) action against the victim on false grounds amongst other things.
In cases, where the stalking group (usually operated like a cult) is run by someone who is wealthy, corporations, organized crime or some other organized structure or group which is well-financed and well-connected, government, police, intelligence, military, corporate and union executives and other high level people can be recruited through either bribery involving cash or favours, or blackmail to participate in this crime. This is often done on the basis of fabricated "greater good" reasons based on malicious lies fabricated against the person. These officials provide credibility to the illegal and criminal requests made of members in the community resulting in them being more amenable and cooperative about committing the crimes. 
As the following video demonstrates this is not difficult to do when the right person is asking a gullible member of the community to commit a criminal act against the stalking victim. It doesn’t appear to occur to these gullible saps that it is illegal for a police officer to ask a citizen to commit a criminal act against another citizen. Nor does it occur to them to verify the identity of the person claiming to be acting in an official capacity and asking them to commit criminal acts against people they don’t know.

This type of stalking is basically Stalking on Steroids and involves groups of people led by either one Stalker who is likely a Psychopath or groups of stalkers who fit one or more of the profile components above. Usually elements 1 and/or 2 since the victims are almost always unknown to most of the group and sometimes all of the group.

The organizers of such groups are inevitably and often seriously mentally ill whether this is obvious to their social circles or not. It takes a mentally ill mind to come up with this type of strategy. And while Psychopathy is not yet included in the DSM V, I think most psychiatrists and psychologists do agree that it's a form of mental illness which includes other mental illnesses like obsessive disorders and narcissism.

Ironically, the leaders of such cults and many of their members frequently come across as "nice", "charismatic", "charming", etc. This is part of their illness. They've practiced their masks for years and they're very good at maintaining those masks. It's what they do, and want others to do on their behalf that gives them away. Not to mention the numerous pathological lies they shamelessly tell and the bizarre/weird rationalizations they give to engage in the bizarre and weird activities that they engage in and recruit others to engage in.

Members of the community, employees and the general public need to be aware and alert to these types of scams so that they don't get manipulated by psychopathic stalkers who are demonstrably mentally ill, to bully, harass and maliciously persecute innocent victims in their communities and work places.

Don't believe everything you hear. Even if the information is coming from a friend, can you really be sure that your friend hasn't been duped? Don't participate in malicious persecution campaigns against people who have done you no wrong. And if someone claims that a person has committed a wrong against you, get the facts before reacting. There are numerous ways to incite hatred against innocent people in your communities and work places. These methods are being used every day in Canada.

And even if someone is guilty of something, do you really think that you have the right to engage in extra-legal activity to bully, harass and maliciously persecute them?

Legally you don't. No matter who asks you to do it. And if someone in an official capacity asks you to commit a crime in order to maliciously persecute someone, they are most likely engaging in abuse of power and have been corrupted through either bribery of blackmail.

Please note, that just because someone is a police officer, politician, member of the wealthy elite, etc. doesn't mean that they aren't stalkers or engaging in organized stalker. They can be.

Don't assume they aren't. Get the facts.

Think before you act.

Do the right thing.

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