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#Anonymous And The Disruptors Within

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#Anonymous And The Disruptors Within / Kitty Hundal
"I’m writing this post as an educational FYI to Anons. The more you know about how the disruptors behave and the kind of activities they engage in, the better equipped you will be to address these issues when you are faced with them. And remember, one of the strategies that appears most frequently, at this time, is to have legitimate social activists persistently and viciously attacked by people claiming to be Anons but whose goal appears to be to disassociate those activists from Anonymous. The union of Anonymous, social activism like Occupy, and Whistleblowers, is a powerful one. In my opinion, it’s this union that is being targeted. " ~KH
Read the full article published by IntelGroup here: #Anonymous And The Disruptors Within

Thursday, June 16, 2016

We Have Failed Our Daughters. From the 2d Wave to the 3d Wave

The Freethinking Woman: We Have Failed Our Daughters. From the 2d Wave to the 3d Wave:

I've been watching 3rd wave feminism and the havoc it has wreaked in the last few years with dismay. It reminds me of an out of control toddler.

It truly breaks my heart to see the issue of womens' rights, an issue that has always been very close to my heart, turned into one of shallow bigotry against men, hatred against anyone who disagrees, and whining, bitching and moaning over the most absurd of issues (manspreading? seriously?) like children running to the mommy / daddy state and begging for support. When the support doesn't come the usual temper tantrum ensues.

The 3rd wave doesn't understand the concept of rights, especially women's rights and the role that concept plays in society in general. They seem to see it as a means to brow beat and abuse those they don't like (especially if they're male) or to support self-serving goals/agendas. They also don't understand how to achieve rights.

It just makes me shake my head.

And then I realize, it's my fault. It's the fault of my generation of women's rights activists. The 2d wave.

We did this to our daughters because we didn't teach them the most important aspects of women's rights.

We didn't teach our daughters that:

1. Women's rights are directly connected to Human Rights, to Civil Rights. Our rights must exist within that context. They cannot exist independent of that or they become Special Rights, the rights of a privileged (or underprivileged) group. Gaining rights for ourselves by taking away the rights of others benefits the divide and rule game of the elites and not us. The 2d wave fought for women's rights as well as the rights of the disadvantaged, the poor, the children.

2. Men are our allies in our fight for women's rights. Not our enemies. They are not our problem. Any state/government which diminishes our rights and freedoms is the problem. We should be focusing our attention on them and the numerous ways that they are removing ALL of our rights as well as those rights specific to women such as the right to control our bodies.

3. a. Rights are not given to us not matter how much we beg, stomp our feet or scream about it. Protest, screaming out on the Internet, writing blogs, doing any of these things by themselves accomplishes little or sometimes it accomplishes the wrong things.

3. b. Rights are won. They are won through organized systematic community-based actions. They are won by organizing at the grass roots level (online and IRL), helping people to understand the issues and why they matter and winning their hearts and support. They are not won by brow-beating those potential allies into submission using trite PC phrases, irrational arguments and initiating hate campaigns and deceptions against them when they dare to disagree. Patience, tolerance, understanding the issues, having open rational discussions is what wins us allies.

4. As strong women, we must assert ourselves, assert our rights, and act to defend them in both the legal arena and society at large or, in the case of anarchists, in an appropriate way that fits into your belief system. I'm not an anarchist so I don't know what that would be. The main point, irrespective of belief systems, is that if we don't act, then any problems that result are on us. No-one else. We have to shoulder that responsibility. Passivity, going along, accepting discriminatory and harassing environments without taking action is what the 2d wave fought hard against. As women, we are not weak, passive creatures and victims of happenstance. We have to act and in order to do that we have to take our strength, assert it, and never back down when we are acting to defend our rights. The blame game is simply a means to avoid taking a stand and rationalizing our own inaction. It's a way of avoiding responsibility.

The job of the 3d wave was easy at the beginning of the new millennium. All you had to do was defend and protect the rights that the 2d wave fought for and won. You didn't do your job because we didn't teach you what needed to be done. We assumed you knew. Of course, as the old saying goes, assuming things makes an 'ass' out of you and me. It certainly has done that in spades.

Now, today, in 2016, thanks to our Whistleblowers, we are seeing terrible erosions of rights. Erosions that impact everyone including in the areas of women's rights. As women, we are losing the right to control our bodies such as weakening of or elimination of abortion laws. The laws such as sexual harassment as well as labor laws are becoming ineffective because people (men and women) are not asserting their rights. There are many reasons for this including the fact that it's gradually becoming more difficult to do. Especially for the poor who don't have the means or resources to hire lawyers and assert their rights in the courts.

We are ALL responsible for that. For taking our rights for granted and for not acting to defend them.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


What is a Universal Basic Income?

Everyone, irrespective of need or income, gets a cheque of the same amount (working or not and including the 1% wealthy elite and upper middle classes - 150K+). This is pointless, expensive and unsustainable. Why?

Less money goes to the impoverished. Current proposals (like Finland) actually reduce the income and benefits which those living in poverty currently receive, while putting additional money in the hands of those who don't need it and will NOT spend it on goods and services. Therefore there is no boost to the economy because the poor are still living at the subsistence level with even more hardship.

What is a Guaranteed Basic Income?

Those below a LIVING income level are the only ones who receive it and it's graduated as you reach the living income level. Everyone is eligible to receive it but only those who qualify by being below the set income rate receive it. 

$40K in Toronto, Canada, where I live would restore a persons purchasing power to what we had in the 1950s with a minimum wage. This results in the money paid out, being spent on goods and services which is what the economy needs in order to restore itself.

The entire welfare system could be scrapped. The money is guaranteed based on income level which could be administered by the Tax departments since it's only a question of sending out a cheque based on current income. This alone would result in huge savings making money available for the BGI.

Full benefits such as health, prescription, eye and dental care could now be provided for free to BGI recipients as well as a tax free status because that would also be affordable and it would maintain and enhance the social service benefits people currently get.

THIS design is affordable, will put money in the hands of the people who actually need it which will result in a boost to the economy especially if the taxes are increased on the Corporations and the wealthy elites. 

Those Trillions currently in offshore bank accounts are not contributing anything to the economy.

To those who think the poor are lazy and greedy and 'will take advantage', let me just say that the Welfare Fraud rate in my province of Ontario is 4% while over 60% of Corporations in Ontario have either not paid tax by 'taking advantage' of tax law grey areas, evaded paying taxes owed, or engaged in tax fraud. How could this possibly occur without the active collusion of the provincial and federal government? Now tell me again who the lazy, greedy, fraudsters are. The facts speak for themselves.

In addition, an experiment was conducted in Canada in one town where people received the GBI for 5 years. This experiment was successful, and there was no indication of any problems of 'laziness and greed.' This is just another reason why this payment should NOT be Universal but rather targeted to those living in poverty and raising their income to a living income with benefits and a tax free status.

A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur says basic income would work even if 90% of people smoked weed instead of working 

The entire point of this program is to solve the problem of economic inequality and kick start economies by providing the poor with additional purchasing power. 

Someone described it as a Trickle Up effect. The GBI design I have described will have this effect and address this problem. The Trickle Up effect offers a real benefit to the corporations as long as they don't gouge. Allowing corporate gouging will eliminate any benefit over the longer term and we'll end up right back to where we are today.

A UBI will do nothing to solve either the problem of income inequality or increasing the purchase of goods and service. However, MSM, the politicians, and their Corporate masters can all pat themselves on the back and talk about how they tried but they can't continue because it doesn't work, is unaffordable, and unsustainable. This, of course, is something we already know and it isn't what people have been asking for. It's the MSM and Politicians spin on it as well as various economists. You know, the ones that used the Trickle Down nonsense to justify the creation of the corporate welfare bum scam of handing out billions of taxpayer dollars.

Given the demonstrated, repeated problem with Corporate Gouging (price increases based on 'what the market will bear' rather than what is a reasonable profit margin will become a problem which will also need to be addressed to avoid inflationary costs in the areas of food, clothing, transportation and shelter.

This could be addressed by establishing regulations on how prices are set. Or, it could be addressed by tying increases in the GBI directly to price increases in food, clothing, shelter, and transportation only. Those are the prices that will have the greatest impact on the purchasing power of those receiving the GBI. If increases in those prices are directly reflected in increases to the GBI any damage from greedy corporate gouging can be mitigated in those key areas. Tying increases to COLA or general inflation are useless because those rates are usually much lower than the real inflation experienced by those whose purchasing power is low in the first place. We've seen the result of this already. None of our social services benefits, pensions, etc. have kept up with increases in those critical areas and that's been a huge part of the problem.

In the 1950s, the Corporations and wealthy elites paid 90% of their income in taxes and lived extravagant and luxurious life styles. That tax rate level didn't hurt them. They now pay far less, if anything and have become Corporate Welfare Bums receiving billions in handouts paid from the taxpayer purse. They no longer need to run competitive, productive companies which offer quality goods and services. 

In addition, it was this tax money we used to provide tax payer services, social services, education, health, etc. and build our infrastructure and maintain it. It's this tax money we've lost which is resulting in the crumbling of our infrastructure today, the creation of fee-based taxpayer services, draconian cuts in social services, education, health, etc. Increasing the taxes on the Corporations and wealthy elites will also allow us to restore those services and rebuild this aging infrastructure, which will provide jobs and reduce the number of people who require the GBI.

Ending corporate handouts will force corporations to run competitive, profitable companies which provide quality goods and services or go out of business if they can't cut it. Instead of corporate handouts, the money is distributed to the unemployed through the BGI. They can either use their experience to recreate a more profitable version of the business or move on into other areas of interest.

It's time to END Socialism for the Rich in the form of handouts and tax breaks and turning a blind eye to their tax frauds. They should be taxed appropriately in accordance to their income. The higher the income, the higher the taxes. 

It isn't rocket science. Really.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year and a New Era of Civil Rights

This blog post was originally posted on New Years Eve, 2012 for 2013. I believe that my comments are as relevant today as they were then, so I've decided that it's worth repeating my post this year. Hope you agree. In my opinion, humanity is standing on the precipice of something very significant, very new and as yet undefined. I believe that this New Civil Rights movement is the inspiration for the launch of the new.

The last few years have been interesting ones for those of us who are paying attention to what is going on around us.

There has been a rising tide of mass movements around the world, the core demands of which have centered on rights irrespective of the political orientations of various groups, left, right or middle.

There has also been an opposing trend from the wealthy elites and the governments and states which they have purchased through corruption and the undermining of democratic processes. This trend has focused on repressive legislations and violent suppression of and criminalization of legitimate dissent and dissenters.

Robert F. Kennedy once said:
“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a [person] stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”
American history is resplendent with great men and women who provided this type of inspiration to their populace and encouraged every man and woman to stand up against tyranny and injustice. The Constitution was designed to ensure the will of the people over-rode the will of the government or political, social, corporate elites.

The European Rationalists from the historic Age of Reason: Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau, Newton stood on the shoulders of the great Greek rational thinkers of ancient times and had much in common with Carvaka, an Indian atheist and materialist philosopher from the 7th century BCE. 

Inspired by the Rationalists came Americans like Thomas Paine who in turn inspired the American Revolution and Americas Founding Fathers.

It’s on the shoulders of people like these great men and women of the past, that the 1960s civil rights movement was born and now this new era of Civil Rights has been born. 

It’s those who have taken up the new flag of liberty that has been handed to them from those echoes of our past that are the strength and foundation of the Civil Rights era of the new millennium. People like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Occupy and most recently, Idle No More. 

Not all on the list are known individuals. Some are nameless, faceless, and leaderless and this has become a key and component part of this New Civil Rights era.

Perhaps that’s because we learned not to idolize individuals or perhaps it’s because we know that our leaders will be targeted to destroy and disrupt our mass movements.

It doesn’t really matter why this new type of mass movement came into being except perhaps to some Ivory Tower academics.

What matters is that it has happened and with it has come the concept that it’s the issues not the political spectrum one belongs to that matters. This is the second key and component part of this New Civil Rights era.

The issues were nicely outlined in the recent CypherPunks book, CypherPunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet by Julian Assange with Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Muller-Maguhn and Jeremie Zimmermann.

While segments of all of these movements push for specific interests, all of their causes and issues whether they are environmental, social, etc. can be boiled down to issues of Freedom and Civil Rights, when one examines why these problems are occurring. The specifics of this are for another blog post.

There are two aspects to this battle:
  1. Legitimate dissent, that is the promotion of these issues and the lobby/public pressure for solutions
  2. The right to engage in this legitimate dissent
Both aspects are under attack by the Corporacrats/wealthy elites and the governments/states that they have purchased through treasonous (dictionary  not legal definition) means like buying politicians and political parties as well as undermining democratic processes.
trea·son noun \ˈtrē-zən\ : the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government or of helping your country's enemies during war. 
Full Definition of TREASON
1 :  the betrayal of a trust :  treachery
2 :  the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family
Now, I can’t speak for anyone else but I consider active interference in elections to get certain people or parties elected an attempt to “overthrow the government” and I think one “betrays one’s country” when one advocates for and represents special interests (both internal and external) at the expense of the Canadian people and when one is elected for the purpose of representing the Canadian people. It’s also fraudulent misrepresentation. I consider this a criminal act and those who engage in this should not be above the law simply because they are members of the wealthy elite or corporatocracy or have been bought by them.

In fact, I would like to see the legal definition of Treason changed around the world, to one that is along the same lines as the dictionary definition.

So, in 2013, we are walking into an era which is marked by the treasonous overthrow of numerous governments by people who are betraying our countries with impunity and using those illegal governments that they purchased to suppress legitimate dissent which is drawing attention to the other criminal acts being committed against us.

Criminal acts such as stealing billions of dollars of hard-earned tax payer funds to line the pockets of the corporate/wealthy elites in the form of corporate welfare, while impoverishing the tax payers further through the theft of funds from the social safety net and pensions; allowing the corporacrats and wealthy elites to rob the tax payer by engaging in billions of dollars worth of tax evasion with impunity; State/government criminal collusion with the corporatocracy to manipulate the economy, banks, etc. with impunity; inteference in the financial matters of citizens on the false grounds that everyone is a potential terrorist/criminal; illegal and criminal invasions into and the disruption of the lives of innocent citizens; etc. etc. etc.

Of course the corporatocracy wants to prevent legitimate dissent and exposure of these criminal acts. The only way they can do that is to ensure that the governments/states that they have bought and paid for implement repressive measures on the false grounds of terrorism and use those false grounds to silence those voices of dissent through both legal and illegal means. Much like they did during the COINTEL PRO (US) and RCMP Red Squad wrongdoings (Canada) eras. The strategies developed by these corrupt programs are being reintroduced again. 

This was most obvious during the G8/G20 Summits in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the actions taken against demonstrators there as well as the treatment of Occupiers in Oakland, California, US.

Whether one agreed with the demonstrators or not, the violations of civil rights committed by JIG (Joint Investigations Group) and the Provincial Liberals, under the authority of the Canadian State and those committed by the Oakland Police/FBI under the authority of the American state, were shocking to say the least and reminiscent of a fascist police state.

The detention of at least one member of the US Military on false claims of alleged “mental illness” for simply writing a rational and coherent statement of dissent shows that our states/governments are sinking to new lows and showing more than just one sign of moving towards open world-wide fascism.

The treatments of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Schwartz, Bradley Manning, et al (the list grows longer by the day) by various governments indicates an International criminal collusion of fascism and highlights the fact that these are global and not regional issues.

The apparently coordinated efforts to pass legislation similar to the NDAA and SOPA/ACTA in numerous countries around the world as well as at the international level (TPP) are also an indication that this is a global issue and not a regional one.

The malicious persecution of hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals around the globe some of whom are whistle-blowers, social activists, inventors and many of whom are people who have no idea why they’ve been targeted for this abuse is another sign. 

The strategies used in these cases of Organized Stalking are ones that were developed by organizations like the German Stasi and the KKK. This is the case no matter what methods are used such as electronic harassment involving illegal acts by corporations producing these often experimental technologies, bacterial and chemical assault involving intentional medical malpractice and murder by physicians and sometimes other parts of the health system, psyops involving intentional psychiatric malpractice by psychiatrists, disinformation and smear campaigns often involving illegal and criminal acts by state personnel, civil servants, elected officials, etc. and much more.

These are the reasons that this New Civil Rights era was born and these are the reasons why the momentum is increasing despite the attempts to suppress this legitimate dissent through both fear and legislation.

Robert F. Kennedy also said:
“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. “
“The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. “
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
I don’t doubt for one second that the corporatocracy sees legitimate dissent, constitutional restrictions, and democratic structures as terrorist threats since they certainly are a threat to their corruption and ability to engage in the commission of crimes with impunity.

However, it’s far more accurate to say that the corporatocracy itself is treasonous and they should be held accountable for that and their other criminal acts.

To the governments, corporacrats and wealthy elites of the world: 

The people of the world are saying: “Expect us. We are not afraid. You should be.”

The CypherPunks are saying: We want “privacy for the weak, transparency for the powerful.”

And I’m saying: I want “transparency of the state, corporations and wealthy elites; privacy for the people; accountability and justice for everyone and no-one is above the law.”

We all have much in common irrespective of our political, social, cultural, religious beliefs and that is what this new era of Civil Rights is all about.

V: Would you... dance with me?
Evey Hammond: Now? On the eve of your revolution?
V: A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Remember Our Vets #Remembrance Day #Nov11

Atheists in foxholes, some say they are myths,
Creations of the mind who just don't exist.

Yet, they answered the call to defend, with great pride.
With reason their watchword, they bled and they died.

They took Saratoga from the British crown,
Secured America's freedom at the Battle of Yorktown.

From Sumter to Appomattox, fields flowed with their blood.
When the cannons grew silent, the flag proudly stood.

From the Marne to the Argonne, in trenches and tanks,
They defeated the Germans -- the whole world gave thanks.

They were bombed at Pearl Harbor, fought on to Berlin.
Many freethinking women served along with the men.

Still war keeps erupting -- Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo.
Where is the peace that eludes people so?

It is broken by tyrants who bear crosses and creeds,
That overshadow reason with hate and cruel deeds.

So atheists prevail until your work is complete.
Mothers mourn, children cry, and bigots plan your defeat.

By air, land, and sea, you answer freedom's call.
Without god or faith, you seek liberty for all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

From The Shadows, Persecution Games: Dedication To The #Whistleblowers and #Hacktivists Of The New Millennium

Published June 19, 2015 and Updated October 27, 2015

Dedication from my fictionalized memoir. From The Shadows, Persecution Games. Book 1 by Kitty Hundal. All Rights Reserved.

Released on June 19, 2015 and now available at: Also available on Apple's iBook, Barnes & Noble iNOOK, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Everything Else

Book 2 will be released by next June at the latest.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.--Thomas Jefferson (letter to Archibald Stuart, Dec. 23, 1791, on the encroachments of state governments)

From The Shadows: Persecution Games, is Book 1 of a fictionalized memoir dedicated to the Whistleblowers and Hacktivists of the new Millennium. They are courageous people who have come forward, with conviction, to expose the systemic corruption that is the norm in our society. They have accomplished this through enforced transparency. 

Corruption that is hidden under the guise of the alleged ‘need for secrecy’ and rationalized by the alleged ‘need to protect our citizenry from terrorism’ when in fact neither is necessary to the extent it is currently implemented. It is, in reality, nothing more than a cover for gross abuses of power such as corporate spying and corruption, mass surveillance, warrantless intrusions into our privacy, social activist targeting and harassment, etc., as our Whistleblowers and Hacktivists have demonstrated through their leaks, revelations and investigations.

Thanks to them, a climate of transparency, accountability and justice has been created. This has enabled and strengthened demands for legal governmental and corporate transparency combined with legal protections of personal privacy. This is a climate where the people of the world have begun standing up to draconian new laws which are being passed. Laws which violate well established social norms, values and standards.

It is also one in which many of us, who in the past were forced to remain silent, can now come forward with our stories.

Thank you with all my heart to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Barrett Brown,  Jacob Appelbaum, Aaron Swartz (deceased), Jeremy Hammond, and the many others who have stepped forward but haven’t been heard or who have stepped forward but continue to be unknown publicly at the time of this writing. More are being arrested, charged and convicted every year.

We owe you all a great debt of gratitude and hopefully your sacrifice will have been worth it if it results in existing laws being changed and new laws being enacted to protect and extend our democratic processes and citizens’ rights that many shed blood to establish in the West, particularly from abuse of power of the corrupt.

I’m sure there are many who are saying that the NSA’s extreme invasions of privacy are not that big a deal and that they will help protect the citizens from terrorism. The reality is that they haven’t accomplished that. They reality is that they ease the way for abuses like the ones that I’ve been subjected to all of my life simply because I was related to the wrong person and I came to the attention of a psychopath in or associated with CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), who is also a member of the wealthy elite; who was allowed to abuse his power with impunity; and who continued to abuse his power with impunity after his retirement.

Since his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, his inner circle has continued on his behalf. An inner circle that includes corrupt family, and ‘friends’ consisting of people who were nobody’s in the 1970s and were elevated into positions of power by him and his family for the purposes of abusing their powers on his behalf. They continue even after his death on June 18, 2014. His game plan was psychopathic abuses of power simply because he was, in my opinion, a psychopathic sexual sadist and he enjoyed persecution and manipulation games. Their game plan is to protect their reputations and cover his and their criminal tracks. What they did to me, when they did it and what they continue to do is and was criminal whether he had an official relationship with CSIS or not and whether they have one or not. These draconian new laws make these types of criminal acts legal for anyone in numerous government agencies to do these things and get away with them under numerous rationalizations and justifications. Not the least of which includes the redefinition of the term, ‘terrorist’ and who it can be applied to.

The NSA claims that only 12 cases of abuse occurred in 2012. One article pointed out that ALL of those cases were self-reported by the abusers themselves.

How many cases like mine occurred that were not reported? We would never have any way of knowing. Not all abuses are going to occur with people who are close to the abuser. 

What’s to stop a group of NSA agents from going on a vindictive campaign against anyone? All they would have to do is fabricate the right rationale even with oversight. After all, pretty much anyone who is critical of government policy in any way can now be defined as a ‘terrorist’.

We do have oversight in Canada and have had for years. All a rogue CSIS Intelligence Agent has to do to compromise that oversight is to have trusted connections on those committees in influential positions. This is what was done and continues to be done by this rogue agent in the past and now his cohorts who have been and continue to target me.

These new draconian laws and the redefinition of legitimate dissent as ‘terrorism’ by the power players, creates a very dangerous environment for the citizenry of the world in every country that they are being implemented in.

Now almost anyone can become a target based on specious rationalizations. All you have to do is say something critical about any government or corporate policy and no matter how minor it is, a rogue psychopath in these agencies could rationalize using agency resources to target you by putting you on their hit list.

It’s also important to remember that the events that occurred in this book (those which are true) initially occurred during a period when the technology was not as sophisticated as it is today and a great deal of resources were required to accomplish the aims this rogue CSIS Intelligence Agent wanted to accomplish.

Today, with the new technology that exists, supported by the draconian new laws which are being passed yearly, and enabled by what has become socially accepted corruption and abuse of power hidden by the alleged need for secrecy, those corrupt aims can be accomplished far more easily and far more damage can be done to those individuals targeted by this type of evil.

The opposite is also true. In many ways it’s also become easier to fight and expose this type of evil because of the technology we have available. However, this can only happen if people are aware of the problem and understand the dynamics. Armed with this knowledge we can make the technology work for us, instead of against us.

This is now being accomplished by those who are enforcing transparency and exposing corruption and abuses of power. This transparency is providing the impetus for the citizenry to oppose these draconian new laws and fight for laws which will protect us both as individuals as well as our democratic system and processes from the enemies within. These enemies within, in my opinion, would like to dismantle everything we have fought for and won since the days of the Industrial Revolution and take us back to the pre-Industrial Revolution era. This was an era of extreme exploitation and poverty for the majority and extreme entitlement and riches for the elite minority.

This is what the New Civil Rights movement is fighting and WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Occupy, Idle No More, and the new Independent, Alternative Media are in the forefront of this new movement. They are all critical to its success.

We live in dangerous times and I am writing my story because I don’t want to see what happened to me, happen to anyone else.

These draconian new laws make all of you potential targets and victims of this type of extreme corruption and abuse of power.

This story, my story is a warning call.