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ChemTrails: Why Is This Allegation Bullshit?

This isn't an issue I care about because it's been my opinion from the start that's it's simply bogus.

In my opinion, it appears to be nothing more than a diversion to keep social activist eyes focused on nonsense and away from the very real and serious issues we face in today's world. Much like the nonsense coming out of the David Icke and Alex Jones web sites.

So, why am I writing about it then? Good question. Lol.

I'm writing about it because:
  1. there are literally hundreds of sites on the web promoting chemtrail idiocy through the use of deceptive images, pseudoscience, and horribly flawed logic;
  2. social activists who refuse to use their intellects are pushing many people to take this up as a cause, including me;
  3. those pushing these positions refuse to or are quite incapable of engaging in rational debate, understanding (or even knowing) basic science, or seeing reason.
All of this gives me a raging headache so, I would like to see more rational arguments out there in the virtual world countering this demagogic propaganda and exposing it for the sheer nonsense that it is.

First of all let's examine the alleged goals of the alleged chemtrail perpetrators. According to this Youtube video by Truthloader, they are the following:
  1. population control;
  2. weather modification;
  3. warfare;
  4. psychological manipulation
Now let me just note that there are far more inexpensive and efficient ways to accomplish those goals (assuming they exist) than using commercial jets which would have to be customized in order to be used to distribute the chemicals.

For example,
  1. population control: it would be much cheaper, faster and more efficient to poison the water system, don't you think? 
  2. weather modification: it's already being done using custom planes (not commercial airliners) and by seeding only the clouds. There's no point seeding the air and there is no evidence that these custom planes are doing that. And please note that weather modification has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. Many sites are conflating the two. They are completely different processes and have completely different outcomes.
  3. warfare: same as two. We have custom war planes to handle any kind of warfare the government wants to engage in. Chemical warfare is done mostly from the ground or using small war planes dropping chemical bombs. Again. There is no need for commercial airliners to perform this task. 
  4. psychological manipulation: same as 1. it would be much cheaper, faster and more efficient to put drugs in the water system, don't you think? 
In addition, if the water infrastructure was used the mass distribution of chemicals (poisons or drugs) would have a guaranteed effect and could be targeted to specific areas. Spraying would be unreliable, assuming it had any impact at all from 21,000 to 41,000 feet up and wasn't dissipated by the high winds at that height before ending up in the ocean because of the jet stream if they even reached ground level.

Now let's look at some of the allegations ...

The following picture is quite a popular one on the chemtrail sites. They claim it as evidence that commercial jets are indeed 'spraying' the skies causing chemtrails. The allegation is that the barrels contain chemicals which are allegedly dispersed through the jet exhaust system into the air.

Here is the real explanation of this picture. Debunked: Chemtrail Plane Interior (Ballast Barrels) 

As you can see from the image there is nothing on the floor connecting those barrels to the exhaust system of the plane. In addition, the open panels above the barrels contain wiring for the plane and not hoses. The hoses can't be going directly outside from the side of the plane because that would cause decompression when the plane was flown and it would collapse in on itself.

Now I suppose someone could try to argue that the chemicals are placed in a tank similar to the gas tank on the plane (which is under the cargo compartment at the rear of the plane and, as far as I know, inaccessible from inside the plane) using the same exhaust system the engines use.

The problem with this allegation is that there is no evidence that any commercial jets have been designed in this way. It would have to be a custom job varying from the standard. This would make it extremely expensive to produce and would require a special factory with people trained to manufacture and assemble this variant design.

According to the conspiracy theorists alleged chemtrails are different from contrails because they are apparent for longer periods of time. They ignore the scientific explanation in favor of pushing their unproven hypothesis that the cause of this is chemicals in the contrails. 

The scientific explanation is that when cirrus clouds are forming there is more moisture in the atmosphere. Their visibility is dependent on temperature and humidity. 

Of course the contrails contain chemicals as well as water vapour. Those chemicals are simply byproducts of the exhaust system (burning fuel does that ya know lol).

Much more detail and explanation is provided in this article by Science. How Stuff Works: What are chemtrails, and should you be scared of them? 

Please note that no legitimate or rational arguments can be made to equate crop dusting with chemtrails. Crop dusters are two seater planes which are specially equipped and fly at very low altitudes. Of course this is a bad way to distribute pesticides. Of course this will cause harm to the population. 

However, they aren't commercial jet liners flying at 21 to 43K feet off the ground for which there is no evidence that they are producing chemtrails.

Climate Engineering (also referred to as geoengineering) is not the same thing as weather modification which is intended to produce immediate and short term weather effects. 

According to the Wiki on the topic is:
Climate engineering, also referred to as geoengineering, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming.
The Wiki also states quite clearly that:
No known large-scale climate engineering projects have taken place to date. Almost all research has consisted of computer modelling or laboratory tests, and attempts to move to real-world experimentation have proved controversial. Some limited tree planting[11] and cool roof[12] projects are already underway. Ocean iron fertilization has been given small-scale research trials.[13] 
Most experts and major reports advise against relying on geoengineering techniques as a simple solution to climate change, in part due to the large uncertainties over effectiveness and side effects. However most experts also argue though that the risks of such interventions must be seen in the context of risks of dangerous climate change.[14] 
As a rule of thumb it would appear that the scale of risks and costs of each climate engineering option appear to be somewhat inverse: The lower the costs, the greater the risks.[14][unbalanced opinion] Some have suggested that the concept of geoengineering the climate presents a moral hazard because it could reduce political and public pressure for emissions reduction.[15] Groups such as ETC Group[16] and individuals such as Raymond Pierrehumbert have called for a moratorium on deployment and out-of-doors testing of geoengineering techniques for climate control.[17][18]
Now, I did look to see if I could find some large-scale experiments and could only find experiments which were examining the outcomes of climate change. That is, what impact was climate change having on the planet. There were no large scale climate engineering projects actually attempting to engineer climate change. 

However, I invite any reader to provide me with one. I'll be very interested in seeing it.

Comments are moderated but all comments (for or against) will be published with the exception of those made by malicious trolls engaged in personal cyberbullying and cyberharassment attacks against me. 

Free speech doesn't include the right to libel, defame and spout lies about people.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Defend The Internet

Last year, more than 40,000 websites participated in the Internet Slowdown to demand real net neutrality. It worked! But monopolistic Cable companies are pouring millions into a last ditch effort to derail the FCC's historic vote. Help us flood Washington, DC with calls and emails to show lawmakers that the whole Internet is watching, and we're literally counting down the seconds until we get real net neutrality.


Monday, December 01, 2014

John Derringer's 13 Days Of Christmas

Well, the 13 Days Of Christmas Campaign Against Child Abuse and Domestic Violence has started again.

John Derringer, morning radio talk show host at Q107FM in Toronto, raises funds every year which are used to ensure that children who have been the victims of abuse and adults who have been the victims of domestic violence as well as their families can enjoy a better Christmas.

Derringer is a philanthropist here in Toronto and is on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness.

This fund raising campaign is on behalf of both CCAA and the Martin Kruze Memorial Foundation.

Child Abuse of all kinds, Bullying and Domestic Violence are terrible crimes.

It's up to us as a society to help, to be aware that there are other children out there suffering, and make these children, as well as adult survivors of Child Abuse and victims of Domestic Violence a priority.

Preventing Child Abuse, Bullying and Domestic Violence is everyone's responsibility.

Please note that Domestic Violence is not a gender issue. Both men and women can be and are victims. We don't have good statistics on the number of men who are abused because men don't report this crime out of embarrassment and a lack of social support.

His Campaign will continue from December 1 to 13.

Support his campaign by:

1. calling 1-800-379-8858 (Canada) and contribute! 

2. go directly to their web site at Q107, listen to the show on streaming audio. John's show, Derringer in the Morning, airs from 5:30AM to 10:00AM EST Monday to Friday. John provides details on how to contribute by texting and regular updates, etc.

3. contribute directly and/or participate in the Online Auction  or by going directly to the CCAA site.

Note that the Online Auction features some pretty cool Canadiana, sports and rock memorabilia like: "Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr Hand Signed Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Record Album With Letter of Authenticity"

4. Or contribute to your own charity in your own country which is helping the victims of child abuse and/or domestic violence!

5. You can also sign Stephen Shellen's Petition to Stop Child Trafficking

Thanks and Merry Christmas/Yuletide Greetings/Happy Solstice/Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Remember Our Vets #Remembrance Day #Nov11

Atheists in foxholes, some say they are myths,
Creations of the mind who just don't exist.

Yet, they answered the call to defend, with great pride.
With reason their watchword, they bled and they died.

They took Saratoga from the British crown,
Secured America's freedom at the Battle of Yorktown.

From Sumter to Appomattox, fields flowed with their blood.
When the cannons grew silent, the flag proudly stood.

From the Marne to the Argonne, in trenches and tanks,
They defeated the Germans -- the whole world gave thanks.

They were bombed at Pearl Harbor, fought on to Berlin.
Many freethinking women served along with the men.

Still war keeps erupting -- Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo.
Where is the peace that eludes people so?

It is broken by tyrants who bear crosses and creeds,
That overshadow reason with hate and cruel deeds.

So atheists prevail until your work is complete.
Mothers mourn, children cry, and bigots plan your defeat.

By air, land, and sea, you answer freedom's call.
Without god or faith, you seek liberty for all.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Occupy Toronto: Protest Organized Stalking

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for injury.” — John Stuart Mill

Republication. Original post dated May, 2011.

Organized Stalking, the dirty little secret that everyone knows about but no-one wants to talk about or do anything about.

Why? Because it’s easier for Canadians, the Canadian media, Canadian politicians, government officials, police and intelligence agencies, social organizations, corporations, professionals, etc., to stick their heads in the sand, than it is to face ugly truths about how corrupt our society has become in so many ways and to take a strong stand against that corruption.

It’s also easier to “Go along in order to get along”.

The attitudes displayed remind me of the three monkeys: "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" even though the evil is staring them in the face and many are actively colluding with it.

So, when one complains about Organized Stalking in Canada, instead of receiving the desperately needed assistance and compassion, the questions that come up are:

“What did you do to cause this person or group to stalk you?” “Why would someone do that to you?You're a nobody. Why would anyone bother to go to such extreme lengths to persecute you?” Or, “You must be delusional.”

Essentially blaming the victim for the crime. We must have incited someone to stalk us or we're just nuts. Either way it's our fault.

Frankly, that’s a little like asking a person, what they did to cause someone to abuse or rape them, isn’t it?

Or, asking a person why a Serial Killer would try to murder them.

Or, a little like telling a child who is the victim of child abuse or child sexual abuse, that they must just be imagining things?

The victim of a crime doesn’t have to know why the crime is occurring in order to determine that it is occurring. Nor, is it our responsibility to know or explain why.

It’s the job of the State to investigate and provide those answers and the best source for the answer to the question, Why? is the criminal who is committing the crime.

The State is shirking their duty where the victims of Organized Stalking are concerned, effectively enabling the crime.

And just to rub salt in the wound, it’s the victims who are under threat of being illegally and wrongly assumed to be mentally ill by those who refuse to investigate the crime and then illegally and wrongly declared mentally ill without any investigation of the crime or it’s demonstrably mentally ill perpetrators who continue to engage in their criminal acts for years on end with impunity.

When we stand up for ourselves and expose these crimes publicly, we are also and often falsely accused of stalking our stalkers. This is a common and well documented strategy of stalkers and one well known to the psychiatric profession.

Ironically, most victims of Organized Stalking have far more evidence to support our claims that we are being stalked and maliciously persecuted, than the stalkers have to support their rumor-mongering that we allegedly suffer from some mental illness. 

More often than not, the stalkers "evidence" wouldn't pass muster in any basic critical thinking class so why does it pass courtroom and police scrutiny? It doesn't. It's simply accepted as fact without any foundation. That is, there is no scrutiny of the facts by the courts or the police. And therein lies the problem. 

Without any scrutiny of the facts, it's easy for the police, doctors, and psychologists to simply assert that claims of Organized Stalking are indications of mental illness, despite the fact that there isn't a single research study supporting such a specious claim and despite the fact that there are numerous research studies which indicate that stalkers not only engage in the exact behavior described by Organized Stalking victims, frequently go to extreme lengths to persecute someone and/or cover up their behavior, and are demonstrably mentally ill to varying degrees.

The traditional media has also become one of the worst abusers of the Organized Stalking victim. Why? Because their attitudes range from completely ignoring the problem to blaming the victims to making a joke out of the issue.

Perhaps I'm being unfair to the Media here, and if I am I'll stand corrected.

However, I have seen very little published that deals with this issue seriously and compassionately and what I have seen has come from the Alternative Media: Exposing The Invisible Terror of Stalking In Indian Country, not the Traditional Media.

One comment I made in the National Post recently, in relation to Timothy Taylor’s article, “When Research Goes Weird”, and directed to the following paragraph at the end of the article, appears to have been censored by the National Post.

There was no swearing or otherwise rude language and no personal attacks in my censored comment. Just a general criticism of how the media and journalists, including Investigative journalists appear to prefer to write about fluff rather than serious issues like Organized Stalking as well as a criticism of the attitude displayed in the following quote.
“So I came across this bit of cultural strangeness and went down the research rabbit hole for a while (Google away, my friends. It’s a de-eep rabbit hole.) I watched endless videos and read literally hundreds of pages of allegations. I even talked to the single mainstream journalist I could find who’d published a story on the topic. She told me that, yes, the whole thing was too weird to take seriously, but that during her interview with the person she was profiling, men with black ball caps had indeed come into the restaurant where she and the subject were sitting. Later, they followed them out. And still later, driving the subject home, the journalist reported, they then saw every one of the vehicles that the subject had predicted they would see, writing the license plate numbers down in advance.”
On the one hand you have a reporter stating that the topic of Organized Stalking was “too weird to take seriously” while admitting that everything the stalking victim had said would occur, did actually occur right in front of the reporters face.

What, in this journalists mind, would be required to take these claims seriously? One can only imagine. Clearly seeing doesn’t amount to believing in her case and since when is “weirdness” a reason not to take something seriously. Russell Williams was pretty weird. Thank goodness the OPP didn’t display this reporters attitude when investigating that case.

Wikipedia has quite a good article on Stalking for anyone interested in understanding the basics of the problem.

Organized Stalking is basically Stalking on Steriods. That is, it’s stalking at it’s most extreme.

Organized stalking involves large, often well-financed, structured groups of people who are usually trained in methods of:
  1. disinformation;
  2. inciting hatred;
  3. organizing group action in the community, work place, or any other place where the stalking victim might go, based on inciting hatred;
  4. as well as methods of psychological abuse amounting to psychological torture.
Amongst other things.

It has been demonstrably proven that technology like implanted RFID chips (James Walbert case) has been used to monitor and abuse Organized Stalking victims.

Unethical Private Investigation Agencies or individual Investigators are often active paid participants.

Organized Stalking is the systematic destruction of a person and that persons life, personally, professionally and financially, by that structured group.

Due to the extensive and expensive nature of this type of stalking it is exclusive to a small minority of wealthy, well-connected individuals, members of the wealthy elite, or organizations, who have the resources to fly under the radar and cover their tracks. Although smaller groups of the more garden variety stalkers appear to be starting to use these techniques as well.

Yes. When the activity is described it sounds insane and raises the question, Why would anyone be crazy enough to do this stuff? Especially a member of the wealthy elite? It doesn’t make sense.

This is true. This behaviour doesn’t make sense. But why doesn’t it make sense?

It doesn’t make sense because the people who come up with these particular types of strategies are mentally ill to some degree. Some more than others. This is a fact recognized by the field of Psychiatry through it’s behavioural profiling and diagnosis of stalkers.

Organized Stalking is an indicator of mental illness in those who engage in it. That is, it is an indicator of mental illness in the Stalkers not their victims. And in some cases, seriously psychotic mental illness. This is why the behavior that the victim of this crime describes as having occurred is so extreme and bizarre that it's often unbelievable. This is why the claims appear to be so extraordinary.

Those creating these groups may well have agendas that they are implementing. However, at this time, and without more information there is no way for us to determine what those agendas might be, if they do exist.

What we do know is that Organized Stalking does occur and far more often than most people realize. This is a documented fact and recognized by at least some police forces in the US as the Bullying on Steriods video demonstrates.

How do the Organized Stalkers manage to get entire communities involved in engaging in this hate based crime? It’s not as hard as one might think, as these two videos demonstrate.

In the first one the person recruited her personal social circle to back her when she initiated a “mom and apple pie” style frame up against the male stalking victim:

If this guy hadn’t had a video camera monitoring his front yard, he would have been arrested based on the lies told by his neighbor and supported by a large group of her friends who also lied by claiming to have been eye witnesses to an incident that had been fabricated by their friend and hadn’t occurred.

Much like all of the falsehoods currently appearing in my e-Health medical file which are based on  complete fabrications of non-existent incidents and the staff at the clinics are backing up each others falsehoods by fabricating similar incident reports. Bribing and offering favors to corrupt individuals in the medical community and other professional and business communities is the only way that this wealthy, well-connected stalker can support a false claim that I'm "mentally ill". So his lame attempts to shut me up about his and his wife's criminal acts are failing. Such a claim, like the lies told by the woman and her friends in the video, cannot be supported factually. It can only be supported by rumor mongering and fabricated "evidence".

This one is particularly enlightening. A TV Station crew visited a Shopping Mall in the US, had their staff impersonating Federal Agents and Bounty Hunters using fake badges, and asked ordinary shoppers to commit criminal acts like stealing a woman’s purse, putting “drugs” in a woman’s drink, and kidnapping an infant.

All of the shoppers did as asked and not one brought up the point that it was illegal for police officers to ask citizens to commit a criminal act nor did anyone question their identity after seeing the badges purchased from a costume outlet.

I have been subjected to many of these things by these wealthy well-connected stalkers. If a bribe is offered in conjunction to the above it's surprisingly easy to get members of the community to go along with these criminal acts.

In fact, Organized Stalking was precisely the type of unethical and illegal activity that HBGary was proposing to initiate against Julian Assange and Wikileaks before they were caught red-handed by Anonymous. Jacob Appelbaum, also associated with Wikileaks, has become a target of this activity. Interviews with him where he describes the types of harassment he experiences are consistent with Organized Stalking.

It is also the type of unethical and illegal activity that Kevin Annett has been targeted with most of his life (since the 1970s) after he exposed the United Church, other Churches and the Government complicity involved in the horrific genocide, torture and abuse of First Nations children in Canada. Most notably, last year, when he was framed by rogue and mercenary members of the RCMP E-Division. He has documented testimony from the participants of the frame-up to support this claim.

Ex-wives of wealthy well-connected men have also been targeted in this way.

Mary Lou Hoerster is one. Mary Lou, has shown that her ex-husband, a Doctor, has demonstrable ties to the Bush family and has been able to stalk her with complete impunity as well as police and community criminal collusion in the small Texas town where she lives. A town where her husband grew up and is personal friends with the Police Chief. 

Another woman’s ex-husband appears to have ties with Organized crime and she was told by a Lawyer, that she had better shut up about her son who was kidnapped by these criminals because she was taking on some powerful people and no lawyer in her state was going to be able to help her.

Well known (in the 1990s) Hollywood Actor, Stephen Shellen has had his career destroyed and was told the same thing by a leading Executive of a Canadian  RFID / Data Center company whom he knew. This Executive also happens to be a Lawyer. That is, the Actor was told to shut up about what was happening to his children (suspected child abuse and child sexual abuse from the actors ex-marital partners’ associates) when he lost custody of them while trying to protect them.

Randy Quaid’s story is a perfect example of the very bad attitude that the media displays towards the victims of Organized Stalking. The Canadian media has turned his story into some sort of inside joke instead of actually investigating it to determine if it has merit.

A brief Google search on Mr. Quaid pulls up some interesting information that lends credibility to his claims and provides a possible motivation – revenge stalking. Quaid had sued a large movie company in 2006. In 2008, the stalking and malicious persecution began.

And then there are the stalkers who are Psychopaths and who engage in Predatory Organized Stalking, often including sexually sadistic overtones. This particularly nasty breed of deranged stalker acts based on personal obsessions, persecutory delusions, and delusions of personal grandeur (narcissism).  

This type is also attracted to professions which give them power and authority which they can abuse to further their own agendas like high level Government/Political positions, Intelligence agencies, Police forces, and the Military as well as professions like the medical, accounting and legal professions.

The ones in this category who are wealthy and well-connected are in a particularly good position to engage in corruption and abuse of power while abusing the trust of their wealthy connections.

The one who has been stalking me since I was 16 years old is, in my opinion, from this breed of predatory psychopathic stalker.

CyberStalking: How A Predatory Stalker Stalks Online

Predatory Stalkers don’t have to know their victims and usually don’t. Those they victimize simply fit a particular physical, psychological, behavioural or other profile which attracts their attention. It’s this group which victims of stalking frequently can’t identify. It took me over 30 years to identify mine and only because he made a mistake based on his arrogance and perceived impunity.

Nearly 15% of the victims of stalking don’t know who is stalking them or why. As a result there are numerous hypotheses out there on the Internet regarding who and why. Ranging from the secret (and illegal) continuation of programs related to MKUltra and COINTELPRO to NWO conspiracy theories. 

It’s also this group that likes to engage in Corruption and Abuse of Power and could well be implementing agendas which only they or their small circle of partners in crime are aware of. Particularly if they're wealthy and well-connected like mine is.

While none of us really know for sure why we are being victimized in this way, and most don't know who is instigating it, the reality that Psychopaths have held and continue to hold power and/or influence in high places is an inescapable one:
“Late in June, 1972, Dr. Gottlieb [Head of MKUltra] had jigged back and forth on the carpet of the Director’s office, and his carefully controlled stammer had surfaced as he enthused, that, at long, long last, here was the answer to mind-control; that ESB (electrical stimulation of the brain) was the key to creating not only a ‘psycho-civilized’ person but also an entire ‘psycho-civilized’ society: a world where every human thought, emotion, sensation, and desire could actually be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”

“Adapting that already frightening vision of tomorrow’s world formed part of ORD’s concept of the New Jerusalem of Intelligence.” 
--excerpt from the book, Journey Into Madness by Gordon Thomas, foreign affairs journalist.

Organized Stalking involves four basic steps, as outlined by David Lawson, the author of Cause Stalking and a licensed Private Investigator who infiltrated an Organized Stalking ring that was operating along the East Coast of Canada and the US in the 1990s. Numerous people on the Internet who I have had direct and indirect contact with confirm the following. My own personal experience also confirms the following.

1. Identify. Violating the person’s privacy.
This involves monitoring the person constantly through numerous and often illegal means. The purpose of this is to collect as much information about the person, his/her activities and connections (social, professional, business, etc.) as is humanly and technologically possible.

2. Vilify. Using the information collected to spread disinformation about the person based on the information collected to give it credibility.
This involves the spreading of malicious rumours, blatant lies, and very perverse, ugly, negative spins on what would otherwise be considered perfectly normal and acceptable behaviours. The purpose of this it to isolate the person from any potential sources of help; to recruit as many other people as possible to participate in the stalking campaign, incite as much hatred as possible, and to lay the groundwork for the next step.

3. Nullify. Either frame or set the person up (repeatedly, and as necessary). That is, as soon as the community gets over one frame up another one is engineered to keep the hate in the community going against the person. Since the person is isolated they can’t defend themselves and their side of the story never gets out into the community or the workplace or any other associations the person has. Since those communities have been convinced that they are dealing with some evil person the outrage grows with each frame up and is less and less likely to be forgotten. 

Once the community has been incited into a frothy rage they can then be incited to maliciously persecute and assault the target in numerous ways including poisonings, physical and sexual assaults of the person including druggings, vandalizing their property amongst other things. Recruiting medical "professionals" to tamper with medical records laying the groundwork for an unnecessary psychiatric evaluation on false grounds and providing numerous false incident/complaint reports from the community to shore up the lie. Recruiting any organization which retains incident reports to create false reports about the target or have members of the community file false incident reports. Due to the widespread malicious smears and rumors, it frequently becomes impossible for the target to get proper service from any business which will over-charge and/or not provide the service paid for. If the target complains a false incident report is filed which grossly exaggerates the incident and attempts to make the target look crazy whether the target was calm and reasonable while presenting their concern or not.

The purpose of this, of course, is to thoroughly destroy the personal and professional reputation of the person and maintain a hostile and hate-filled environment which the person is forced to endure.

If you've been a target for years like I have, these steps will reiterate repeatedly until the End Game as follows is achieved. 

4. The End Game: Destroy. Force the person into a complete mental collapse so that they will:

a. Become suicidal so that the stalking group can either set them up to kill themselves or they can be killed by the stalking group making it look like suicide.


b. Require psychiatric or psychological intervention. Such interventions, with the help of the stalking group will result in a diagnosis of schizophrenia and the person being committed and therefore completely discredited.

The purpose of this is to cover up the activities of the stalking group. 

A discredited victim is not going to be believed and their claims will be attributed to "mental illness". 

A dead victim is a silenced victim and psychopathic stalkers aren't above committing murder while making it look like suicide, an isolated attack, or even commit medical murder with the criminal collusion of corrupt medical professionals.

Since the goal of the End Game is to destroy the person by pushing them into having a complete mental breakdown, almost all of the activities in Steps 1, 2, and 3 are done in such a way that if they are reported they will result in the conclusion that the person is schizophrenic or suffers from some other organic, incurable mental illness which requires that the person be committed. 

This process can and does involve things like Mansonesque “creepy, crawly” games when breaking in to the victims home; gaslighting in the community and the work place; changing/placing false information in government records, medical records and official reports; filing numerous false, anonymous complaints against the victim; revising police statements and records among many other illegal and criminal activities.

The only thing that will happen if a person moves from one place to another is that Step 1 restarts in the new community and the other steps will continue in the old community. Once the community realizes the person has moved, and only then, the frame ups in the new community will become rumours in the old community. Until that time, the frame ups will occur in the old community using impersonators/dopplegangers.

This makes the Organized Stalking rings’ case even stronger because they can now argue that the person is hated everywhere and for the same reasons therefore their pathological lies which generated the hate in the first place must be true.

Underlying all of these steps is daily and ongoing psychological abuse of the person.

As I stated before, groups which engage in Organized Stalking are led, financed and set up by wealthy and well-connected individuals or organized groups which are well-financed. The process is too extensive, time-consuming, and resource heavy for it to be otherwise.

And in many cases, there is active collusion with mercenary individuals in the police, government, private corporations, professionals, etc. who are being bribed with cash or favours to participate and incited into participating based on nothing more than pathological lies intended to incite hatred against the person who is being stalked.

The two lies most commonly spread about me (amongst many others) for the sole purpose of inciting that hatred are that I am purportedly "antisemitic" and/or a "terrorist".

With the first lie the Stalkers take advantage of the fact that it is not commonly known that I have Jewish relatives nor that my position on the Middle East is that I support a two state solution.

The second  lie is based on discrediting me by association because I have left wing relatives. The fact that I am not left wing and have a very different belief system to them is obfuscated or deflected in order to discredit me simply because of their beliefs.

I think that these Organized Stalking rings and their leaders are known amongst the wealthy elite circles for exactly what and who they are and what they do. I also think that groups like the one organized by my stalker are used by the wealthy and well-connected, big corporations and others to deal with people they have a problem with for any number of reasons, or, in the case of my stalker, no reason at all other than he can and that he's a deranged psychopath.

If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have Lawyers telling us to shut up, purportedly for our own good, because we purportedly won’t get anywhere because we are taking on powerful people.

So, I have to ask, What happened to due process and the right of every citizen, wealthy or poor, to equal treatment under the law?

Has our Democracy been so eroded and undermined that those who are both corrupt and wealthy can not only interfere with and abuse the democratic process to further criminal agendas but are above the law when they do it?

Is our Legal system so weak that it can be so easily intimidated into not doing it's job and protecting the vulnerable?

If so, then all I have to say is Welcome To The Third World, Canada.

Luckily for us the Internet has changed our world.

And while in some ways our privacy has been compromised, in other ways, it allows greater freedom of speech and openness where issues like these Dirty Little Secrets and gross injustices are concerned.

The Internet gives the little person a voice we never had before.

We are using that voice to ask those amongst the wealthy elite, media, government, corporations, police, military, intelligence, professionals and business people, who are ethical, and I have no doubt there are many, if not the majority, to stop enabling this abuse of the vulnerable with their silence or their criminal collusion based on nothing more than pathological lies spread by psychopaths.

If you know what’s going on, it’s time to expose it to the light of day so that we can end it.

We victims will expose these people and their criminal activities with or without your help.

However, it would be a whole lot easier with your help and with the cooperation of ethical individuals in the wealthy elite, media, government, corporations, police, military, intelligence, professionals and business people, etc., of which I’m sure there are many.

Please stop enabling this insidious and hidden crime with your silence.

Please stop engaging in criminal collusion with deranged psychopaths and criminals based on nothing more than their pathological lies.

These criminals belong in prison or secured mental health wards for the criminally insane.

Help us put them where they belong!

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." --Thomas Jefferson