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From The Shadows, Persecution Games: Dedication To The #Whistleblowers and #Hacktivists Of The New Millennium

Published June 19, 2015 and Updated October 27, 2015

Dedication from my fictionalized memoir. From The Shadows, Persecution Games. Book 1 by Kitty Hundal. All Rights Reserved.

Released on June 19, 2015 and now available at: Lulu.com. Also available on Apple's iBook, Barnes & Noble iNOOK, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Everything Else

Book 2 will be released by next June at the latest.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.--Thomas Jefferson (letter to Archibald Stuart, Dec. 23, 1791, on the encroachments of state governments)

From The Shadows: Persecution Games, is Book 1 of a fictionalized memoir dedicated to the Whistleblowers and Hacktivists of the new Millennium. They are courageous people who have come forward, with conviction, to expose the systemic corruption that is the norm in our society. They have accomplished this through enforced transparency. 

Corruption that is hidden under the guise of the alleged ‘need for secrecy’ and rationalized by the alleged ‘need to protect our citizenry from terrorism’ when in fact neither is necessary to the extent it is currently implemented. It is, in reality, nothing more than a cover for gross abuses of power such as corporate spying and corruption, mass surveillance, warrantless intrusions into our privacy, social activist targeting and harassment, etc., as our Whistleblowers and Hacktivists have demonstrated through their leaks, revelations and investigations.

Thanks to them, a climate of transparency, accountability and justice has been created. This has enabled and strengthened demands for legal governmental and corporate transparency combined with legal protections of personal privacy. This is a climate where the people of the world have begun standing up to draconian new laws which are being passed. Laws which violate well established social norms, values and standards.

It is also one in which many of us, who in the past were forced to remain silent, can now come forward with our stories.

Thank you with all my heart to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Barrett Brown,  Jacob Appelbaum, Aaron Swartz (deceased), Jeremy Hammond, and the many others who have stepped forward but haven’t been heard or who have stepped forward but continue to be unknown publicly at the time of this writing. More are being arrested, charged and convicted every year.

We owe you all a great debt of gratitude and hopefully your sacrifice will have been worth it if it results in existing laws being changed and new laws being enacted to protect and extend our democratic processes and citizens’ rights that many shed blood to establish in the West, particularly from abuse of power of the corrupt.

I’m sure there are many who are saying that the NSA’s extreme invasions of privacy are not that big a deal and that they will help protect the citizens from terrorism. The reality is that they haven’t accomplished that. They reality is that they ease the way for abuses like the ones that I’ve been subjected to all of my life simply because I was related to the wrong person and I came to the attention of a psychopath in or associated with CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), who is also a member of the wealthy elite; who was allowed to abuse his power with impunity; and who continued to abuse his power with impunity after his retirement.

Since his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, his inner circle has continued on his behalf. An inner circle that includes corrupt family, and ‘friends’ consisting of people who were nobody’s in the 1970s and were elevated into positions of power by him and his family for the purposes of abusing their powers on his behalf. They continue even after his death on June 18, 2014. His game plan was psychopathic abuses of power simply because he was, in my opinion, a psychopathic sexual sadist and he enjoyed persecution and manipulation games. Their game plan is to protect their reputations and cover his and their criminal tracks. What they did to me, when they did it and what they continue to do is and was criminal whether he had an official relationship with CSIS or not and whether they have one or not. These draconian new laws make these types of criminal acts legal for anyone in numerous government agencies to do these things and get away with them under numerous rationalizations and justifications. Not the least of which includes the redefinition of the term, ‘terrorist’ and who it can be applied to.

The NSA claims that only 12 cases of abuse occurred in 2012. One article pointed out that ALL of those cases were self-reported by the abusers themselves.

How many cases like mine occurred that were not reported? We would never have any way of knowing. Not all abuses are going to occur with people who are close to the abuser. 

What’s to stop a group of NSA agents from going on a vindictive campaign against anyone? All they would have to do is fabricate the right rationale even with oversight. After all, pretty much anyone who is critical of government policy in any way can now be defined as a ‘terrorist’.

We do have oversight in Canada and have had for years. All a rogue CSIS Intelligence Agent has to do to compromise that oversight is to have trusted connections on those committees in influential positions. This is what was done and continues to be done by this rogue agent in the past and now his cohorts who have been and continue to target me.

These new draconian laws and the redefinition of legitimate dissent as ‘terrorism’ by the power players, creates a very dangerous environment for the citizenry of the world in every country that they are being implemented in.

Now almost anyone can become a target based on specious rationalizations. All you have to do is say something critical about any government or corporate policy and no matter how minor it is, a rogue psychopath in these agencies could rationalize using agency resources to target you by putting you on their hit list.

It’s also important to remember that the events that occurred in this book (those which are true) initially occurred during a period when the technology was not as sophisticated as it is today and a great deal of resources were required to accomplish the aims this rogue CSIS Intelligence Agent wanted to accomplish.

Today, with the new technology that exists, supported by the draconian new laws which are being passed yearly, and enabled by what has become socially accepted corruption and abuse of power hidden by the alleged need for secrecy, those corrupt aims can be accomplished far more easily and far more damage can be done to those individuals targeted by this type of evil.

The opposite is also true. In many ways it’s also become easier to fight and expose this type of evil because of the technology we have available. However, this can only happen if people are aware of the problem and understand the dynamics. Armed with this knowledge we can make the technology work for us, instead of against us.

This is now being accomplished by those who are enforcing transparency and exposing corruption and abuses of power. This transparency is providing the impetus for the citizenry to oppose these draconian new laws and fight for laws which will protect us both as individuals as well as our democratic system and processes from the enemies within. These enemies within, in my opinion, would like to dismantle everything we have fought for and won since the days of the Industrial Revolution and take us back to the pre-Industrial Revolution era. This was an era of extreme exploitation and poverty for the majority and extreme entitlement and riches for the elite minority.

This is what the New Civil Rights movement is fighting and WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Occupy, Idle No More, and the new Independent, Alternative Media are in the forefront of this new movement. They are all critical to its success.

We live in dangerous times and I am writing my story because I don’t want to see what happened to me, happen to anyone else.

These draconian new laws make all of you potential targets and victims of this type of extreme corruption and abuse of power.

This story, my story is a warning call.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Our New Canada #StopBillC51

In 1933, Hitler established various policies both before and after he took absolute power. Some were:
1. Censorship
2. Gun Control
3. A Bill virtually identical to C-51 (as per Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer)
4. A Bill virtually identical to the Barbaric Practices Act called the Malicious Practices Act
5. The only people considered German were those the Nazis deemed 'genetically' pure germans and German Citizenship was restricted to them.

The REAL issues facing Canadians today are C-51, C-24, the Barbaric Practices Act, the Border Security Act, (just to name a FEW) not the manufactured issues fabricated by MSM, based on flawed logic and falsified statistics like gun control, anti-smoking bigotry, anti-male bigotry, ETC.

And note, that these Bills recently passed in Canada make most of the crimes committed in this book LEGAL!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

#Pirate Policy: Fostering Innovation for Researchers, Makers, and Hackers #Canada

by Pirate Party of Canada

Our patent laws have tended toward extension that often benefits monopolistic companies. A recent decreased in government transparency and changes to copyright laws makes access to research data more difficult and expensive for researchers, students, and the public. A new mandatory licensing should be implemented and fair use expanded to permit free use for non-commercial research purposes by anyone. This exemption shall include circumventing digital locks, which could be used to defeat fair use under bill C-32. Jake Andraka, high school child prodigy who came up with a potential cancer protein detection method, shows that breakthrough research does not necessarily come from academia or big corporations. Jake touts open access as the enabling resource that led to the success of his research. [Read More]

#ReElectNoone #VotePirate #VoteIndependent

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day 2015 #CANADADAY

Stop the Corporocrats from buying our governments whether they're Cons, Libs, NDP, etc.

Call it what it is: Treason because it undermines our democratic processes.

Yes this my 2013 Canada Day post recycled because nothing has changed.

#ReElectNobody #VotePirateParty #VoteIndependents

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Justice for the Zone 9 Bloggers ‪#‎FreeZone9bloggers‬


Bloggers are citizen journalists.

The following bloggers are not Zone 9 bloggers but the issue of protecting the free speech rights of bloggers on the web as citizen journalists is a general one. Many bloggers around the world have been imprisoned, murdered, executed, or persecuted for the opinions they are expressing. Everyone irrespective of their beliefs and whether anyone thinks their beliefs are offensive or not has a natural right to Free Speech, free expression of those beliefs. If that natural right is removed from some, it can potentially be removed on all on the same grounds. Dangerous beliefs are better expressed in the open than in underground because they can be challenged, refuted, and exposed as dangerous when they are out in the open. Hate speech laws are not a protection of citizen rights they are assault on all citizen rights even if we disagree with the opinions they are intended to 'protect' us from.

The Final Posts of a Murdered Blogger

“No one with a free mind can limit themselves within the walls of narrow-mindedness,” Ananta Bijoy Das wrote hours before his death.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Books: From The Shadows : a fictionalized memoir by Kitty Hundal

From The Shadows : a fictionalized memoir by Kitty Hundal

Expected publication date June, 2015.

From The Shadows is a timely fictionalized memoir highlighting the damage that can be done when a rogue Intelligence Agent with wealth and connections is able to abuse their power and engage in malicious persecution with impunity.

It's a warning to the citizens of the world about the inherent dangers of placing our civil liberties in the hands of the state without appropriate regulations and controls. It's a warning that needs to be heeded before it's too late.

The abuses this next generation will be facing will be far worse than anything I have experienced and what I experienced was horrific.

Power doesn't corrupt. Power attracts the corrupt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ChemTrails: Why Is This Allegation Bullshit?

This isn't an issue I care about because it's been my opinion from the start that's it's simply bogus.

In my opinion, it appears to be nothing more than a diversion to keep social activist eyes focused on nonsense and away from the very real and serious issues we face in today's world. Much like the nonsense coming out of the David Icke and Alex Jones web sites.

So, why am I writing about it then? Good question. Lol.

I'm writing about it because:
  1. there are literally hundreds of sites on the web promoting chemtrail idiocy through the use of deceptive images, pseudoscience, and horribly flawed logic;
  2. social activists who refuse to use their intellects are pushing many people to take this up as a cause, including me;
  3. those pushing these positions refuse to or are quite incapable of engaging in rational debate, understanding (or even knowing) basic science, or seeing reason.
All of this gives me a raging headache so, I would like to see more rational arguments out there in the virtual world countering this demagogic propaganda and exposing it for the sheer nonsense that it is.

First of all let's examine the alleged goals of the alleged chemtrail perpetrators. According to this Youtube video by Truthloader, they are the following:
  1. population control;
  2. weather modification;
  3. warfare;
  4. psychological manipulation
Now let me just note that there are far more inexpensive and efficient ways to accomplish those goals (assuming they exist) than using commercial jets which would have to be customized in order to be used to distribute the chemicals.

For example,
  1. population control: it would be much cheaper, faster and more efficient to poison the water system, don't you think? 
  2. weather modification: it's already being done using custom planes (not commercial airliners) and by seeding only the clouds. There's no point seeding the air and there is no evidence that these custom planes are doing that. And please note that weather modification has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. Many sites are conflating the two. They are completely different processes and have completely different outcomes.
  3. warfare: same as two. We have custom war planes to handle any kind of warfare the government wants to engage in. Chemical warfare is done mostly from the ground or using small war planes dropping chemical bombs. Again. There is no need for commercial airliners to perform this task. 
  4. psychological manipulation: same as 1. it would be much cheaper, faster and more efficient to put drugs in the water system, don't you think? 
In addition, if the water infrastructure was used the mass distribution of chemicals (poisons or drugs) would have a guaranteed effect and could be targeted to specific areas. Spraying would be unreliable, assuming it had any impact at all from 21,000 to 41,000 feet up and wasn't dissipated by the high winds at that height before ending up in the ocean because of the jet stream if they even reached ground level.

Now let's look at some of the allegations ...

The following picture is quite a popular one on the chemtrail sites. They claim it as evidence that commercial jets are indeed 'spraying' the skies causing chemtrails. The allegation is that the barrels contain chemicals which are allegedly dispersed through the jet exhaust system into the air.

Here is the real explanation of this picture. Debunked: Chemtrail Plane Interior (Ballast Barrels) 

As you can see from the image there is nothing on the floor connecting those barrels to the exhaust system of the plane. In addition, the open panels above the barrels contain wiring for the plane and not hoses. The hoses can't be going directly outside from the side of the plane because that would cause decompression when the plane was flown and it would collapse in on itself.

Now I suppose someone could try to argue that the chemicals are placed in a tank similar to the gas tank on the plane (which is under the cargo compartment at the rear of the plane and, as far as I know, inaccessible from inside the plane) using the same exhaust system the engines use.

The problem with this allegation is that there is no evidence that any commercial jets have been designed in this way. It would have to be a custom job varying from the standard. This would make it extremely expensive to produce and would require a special factory with people trained to manufacture and assemble this variant design.

According to the conspiracy theorists alleged chemtrails are different from contrails because they are apparent for longer periods of time. They ignore the scientific explanation in favor of pushing their unproven hypothesis that the cause of this is chemicals in the contrails. 

The scientific explanation is that when cirrus clouds are forming there is more moisture in the atmosphere. Their visibility is dependent on temperature and humidity. 

Of course the contrails contain chemicals as well as water vapour. Those chemicals are simply byproducts of the exhaust system (burning fuel does that ya know lol).

Much more detail and explanation is provided in this article by Science. How Stuff Works: What are chemtrails, and should you be scared of them? 

Please note that no legitimate or rational arguments can be made to equate crop dusting with chemtrails. Crop dusters are two seater planes which are specially equipped and fly at very low altitudes. Of course this is a bad way to distribute pesticides. Of course this will cause harm to the population. 

However, they aren't commercial jet liners flying at 21 to 43K feet off the ground for which there is no evidence that they are producing chemtrails.

Climate Engineering (also referred to as geoengineering) is not the same thing as weather modification which is intended to produce immediate and short term weather effects. 

According to the Wiki on the topic is:
Climate engineering, also referred to as geoengineering, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming.
The Wiki also states quite clearly that:
No known large-scale climate engineering projects have taken place to date. Almost all research has consisted of computer modelling or laboratory tests, and attempts to move to real-world experimentation have proved controversial. Some limited tree planting[11] and cool roof[12] projects are already underway. Ocean iron fertilization has been given small-scale research trials.[13] 
Most experts and major reports advise against relying on geoengineering techniques as a simple solution to climate change, in part due to the large uncertainties over effectiveness and side effects. However most experts also argue though that the risks of such interventions must be seen in the context of risks of dangerous climate change.[14] 
As a rule of thumb it would appear that the scale of risks and costs of each climate engineering option appear to be somewhat inverse: The lower the costs, the greater the risks.[14][unbalanced opinion] Some have suggested that the concept of geoengineering the climate presents a moral hazard because it could reduce political and public pressure for emissions reduction.[15] Groups such as ETC Group[16] and individuals such as Raymond Pierrehumbert have called for a moratorium on deployment and out-of-doors testing of geoengineering techniques for climate control.[17][18]
Now, I did look to see if I could find some large-scale experiments and could only find experiments which were examining the outcomes of climate change. That is, what impact was climate change having on the planet. There were no large scale climate engineering projects actually attempting to engineer climate change. 

However, I invite any reader to provide me with one. I'll be very interested in seeing it.

Comments are moderated but all comments (for or against) will be published with the exception of those made by malicious trolls engaged in personal cyberbullying and cyberharassment attacks against me. 

Free speech doesn't include the right to libel, defame and spout lies about people.

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Defend The Internet

Last year, more than 40,000 websites participated in the Internet Slowdown to demand real net neutrality. It worked! But monopolistic Cable companies are pouring millions into a last ditch effort to derail the FCC's historic vote. Help us flood Washington, DC with calls and emails to show lawmakers that the whole Internet is watching, and we're literally counting down the seconds until we get real net neutrality.