Friday, November 23, 2007

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas? - Upd&Rev.

Every so often in Toronto, the PC Brigade (politically correct police) starts making noise about the "right" way to handle Christmas.

Is it PC to say Merry Christmas if you're not a Christian or should we be saying Happy Holidays and not offend other religions?

If we're going to have a Christmas tree shouldn't we also have symbols from other religions?

Blah Blah Blah ….

I sit there listening to all these various and sundry Media types thinking:

What planet did they come from?
Do they apply these research methods (none) to other topics they talk about?
Why does it seem that Everyone is talking out of their ass on this one?

Everyone appears to be operating from the basic fallacy that Christmas is a Christian religious holiday. A fallacy perpetrated by the Christian church with their "Let's put Christ back into Christmas" campaigns.

The fact is that it makes absolutely No Sense that Christians celebrate Christmas.

1. Christ (assuming that he existed) was Not born in December. The closest date they have to his birth is sometime in the early spring, some say early September. What is known is that he wasn't born in December.
2. The Christmas story (Nativity story) is questionable even in Biblical terms. It's only spoken of in one place in the Bible and is one of the major Biblical stories that remains unconfirmed anywhere, including anywhere else in the Bible.
3. All of the traditions associated with Christmas are Pagan with origins in ancient German (Geol or Yule) and Roman (Saturnalia) festivals.
4. All of the recent (last 100 years) traditions, Santa Claus, etc. are secular and were promoted by the retail industry.
5. Even the blessing of Peace and Goodwill came out of the politics of the Industrial revolution and was directed at strikers, and Not the Bible.

I think it's time that Christians recognized that the current tradition of Christmas is not a religious, but a secular holiday, based on pagan traditions. Perhaps they should find a day closer to the day that Jesus was actually born and celebrate that day more in accordance with their biblical and religious traditions? Just a suggestion.

This is precisely the reason that the Puritans refused to celebrate it. They knew that celebrating Christmas was inconsistent with their Biblical belief system. They were smart enough to take the Christ Out of Christmas, unlike certain Christians today, who for reasons known only to themselves, want to put Christ back into Christmas.

So why did the ancient churches want to hijack these pagan traditions and celebrations? Because they couldn't convince the populace to stop celebrating them. Once the church realized that, they went with option 2, call the holidays christian, get people to include the church in the celebrations, and gradually take them over presumably in the hopes that people would eventually abandon the pagan part.

Unfortunately for the church, this plan only worked periodically, and today we're back to celebrating Christmas with an emphasis on those evil Pagan traditions.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not being a Scrooge here.

I love Christmas with all its trimmings and have celebrated it all my life.

For me, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together, to share in the joys and pleasures of the season, to remember that kindness, love, and sharing are paramount ... and to just have some fun.

I also love seeing people from All beliefs and religions celebrating this secular Christmas.

Secularist Atheists (like me), Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Christians, etc. can get together on this one, holding hands around the Christmas tree and singing Jingle Bells :)

Would keeping Christ out of Christmas be such a bad thing? It would certainly make more sense to me!

Merry Christmas, one and all :)

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