Sunday, May 02, 2010

Canada, the Church, and Aboriginal Genocide

The two hour movie called, Unrepentant, at the end of this post is well worth watching.

There are three stories here.

1. The genocide, abuse and brutal torture of Aboriginal children in Indian Residential Schools run by Canadian Churches in collaboration with and funded by the Canadian Government.

2. Medical and Psychological experimentation on Aboriginal children which in most cases amounted to torture and in many cases ended in death.

Mass graves of Aboriginal children exist all over Canada, where Indian Residential Schools were located, but two spark particular interest.

One is located on National Defense Department land where a Native Indian Hospital was situated. Survivors claim that they were subjected to abusive medical experimentation there.

The other is located behind Allan Memorial Institute, home of MKUltra and Dr. Ewan Cameron's extreme and abusive psychic driving experiments. Survivors claim that they were subjected to abusive psychological experimentation there.

3. The Malicious Persecution using Organized Stalking strategies of Kevin Annett who is struggling to get justice for the thousands of children killed in these schools and the hundreds of thousands of survivors.

Kevin Annett was a United Church of Canada Reverend who was fired, de-listed, harassed, amongst many, many other things because of his refusal to stop exposing the crimes against humanity of the Churches and Government of Canada against Aboriginal children in Indian Residential Schools.

Kevin says he continues to walk with Christ while harshly criticizing religion, the Churches and their hypocrisy.

I find it interesting that while the News Media is all over reports of child sexual and physical abuse these days, the survivors of Aboriginal genocide and child torture are being all but ignored.

Truly shameful!


"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. 
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
--Mohandas Gandhi

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