Saturday, July 10, 2010

Curiosities, the G20 and a Full Provincial Public Inquiry

Why did the most violent acts in the history of any G20/G8 Summit occur in Ottawa/Toronto, purportedly by anarchists, at a time that OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino had the Southern Ontario Anarchists infiltrated (by his own admission)?

Exactly how much was spent on additional services provided by additional private Security firms as a result of this increased "terrorist" threat, incited by the Ottawa goon squad, and which Security firms benefited that wouldn't have benefited without this increased "terrorist" threat?

How did the Black Bloc goon squads know exactly where there would be little or no police activity and where they could vandalize unfettered?

Why was there so much "confusion" amongst the lawyers regarding the interpretation of the Liberal governments law covering identification and detention of protestors, to the point where Toronto Police Chief  Bill Blair was directly misinformed regarding what specific police powers the TPS had?

Why was a Press Release regarding these extraordinary police powers granted by the Liberal government  approximately one month before the Summit not issued by the ISU to the Media ahead of time?

Why were the Protesters not informed of these extraordinary police powers and their extent ahead of time during information sessions held between the ISU, community and protest groups?

Why did the ISU (Integrated Services Unit - RCMP, OPP, TPS, CF and Peel Regional Police) place the TPS (Toronto Police Services) in charge of defending the fence instead of protecting the city? Wouldn't defense of the fence more appropriately belong to the RCMP or CF (Canadian Forces)?

Why was a CTV Producer and a CTV Cameraman, both of whom properly identified themselves, arrested and detained?

Why were 900 peaceful protesters arrested when the Black Bloc goon squad consisted of fewer than 50 people, if that, or 100 if one wants to be generous/exaggerate?

What exactly was this law passed by the Liberal Government, that is, exactly what extraordinary police powers were granted and what was the extent of those powers?

And given these and other relevant questions ....

Why would Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty think that a Public Inquiry into the largest Mass Arrest and the most draconian violation of Civil Rights in the history of Canada, is somehow not required?

Or does he just have way too much to cover up?

Maybe it's time for a Provincial election ... It's definitely time for a full Provincial level Public Inquiry whether McGuinty thinks we need one or not.

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