Sunday, January 08, 2012

Byron Sonne Hacktivist on Trial

Byron Sonne’s trial is currently in progress and I have been following it as closely as I can without actually being there. I blogged on this issue during the G8/G20. 

Byron Sonne is a hacktivist who was black box testing the security surrounding the G8/G20.

I initially thought that Sonne had been recruited to participate in the Dirty Tricks campaign that I believe occurred at the time. However, friends of Sonne contacted me and assured me that I was wrong and that Sonne was an innocent victim.

Note that there is now evidence coming out that my general assessment of what occurred during the G8/G20 in 2008 was actually a direct result of a Dirty Tricks campaign,was correct even though it appears that I was wrong about Sonne.

If the media keep digging I don’t doubt the rest of the story could be revealed. If they don’t well then an opportunity to expose some pretty ugly corruption will have fallen by the wayside. Of course, the fact that Elliott was the Commissioner during that period also means that much of the evidence could have been destroyed or fabricated to be intentionally misleading.

Based on what I’ve seen to date I would have to agree with Sonne’s friends about his innocence.

I publicly admit my error and apologize to Sonne.

It appears that their trust in their friend was well founded. Sonne does indeed appear to be an innocent victim of this particularly ugly Dirty Tricks campaign, and I thank his friends for calmly and rationally presenting their case and giving me the time to evaluate it based on it’s own merits.

One of my reasons for saying that Sonne appears to be an innocent victim is the published interrogation of Byron Sonne by Tam Bui. There are several things that become obvious in that interview and indicate that Bui was trying to make a lot more out of Byron’s actions than the evidence itself indicated. His questions about Byrons attitudes and beliefs towards the Jewish community as well as the one's related to an alleged conspiracy were baseless because there was no evidence to support them.

Given that a Ms. Bich Bui is a donor to Mount Sinai Hospital (a relative of Tam Bui?) one has to wonder if Sonne was arrested and held without bail, simply because Tam Bui and/or his personal friends held a personal bias based on nothing more than Sonne downloading a document.

One has to wonder if they held a personal bias which resulted in Sonne unjustly being held in prison without bail for three hundred days and charged for numerous offenses for which there was no evidentiary foundation?

If anyone bothered to research Sonne and read his online stuff it’s pretty clear that he isn’t antisemitic. Unless one thinks that reading something automatically means that the reader must believe it or agree with it.

That would be a pretty absurd conclusion for a presumably experienced lead police investigator to come to and one would have to question his competence if he did that.

Was Sonne simply being punished because someone, somewhere came to baseless and therefore wrong conclusions about his political beliefs and decided to make him pay irrespective of his clear and unambiguous explanations in the interrogations?

It's Ontario. Why wouldn't that surprise me.

(Please note that the above is not a commentary on the good people of Ontario. It is directed towards a specific circle in the wealthy elite here who has effectively bought the Liberal government and for whom the Liberals work exclusively at the expense of not only other members of the wealthy elite but the citizens of Ontario).

Sonne’s trial can be followed on the following site: Free Byron Sonne!

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