Sunday, August 26, 2012

Julian Fantino A Fascist in Sheep’s Clothing

Please note that the following comments should not be generalized to apply to all Liberals or NDPers or even Conservatives. I am talking about specific elements in the Liberal, NDP and Conservative parties only.

Our world isn’t straightforward anymore. We have a phenomenon occurring where political stripe has actually become a meaningless label.

Look at Mulcair and Fantino, for example. Both have strong Liberal connections and many policies are Liberal oriented. Today’s Liberal policies are also very conservative compared to the policies of past decades. Mulcair represents a more left Liberal type faction while leading the NDP and Fantino represents a more right Liberal type faction while being a Conservative politician.

That said, we would do well to remember that it has consistently been the Liberals and faux Liberals of the Mulcair/Fantino ilk that have thought nothing of violating and even removing the civil rights of Canadians on a whim. Has anyone forgotten the havoc Bob Rae wreaked in Ontario as leader of the NDP?  Bob Rae is now interim and likely to become leader of the Federal Liberals.

Any excuse will apparently do and these Liberal fascists, who, in most cases, have also been bought by some segment or other of the corporatocracy, have not been above fabricating those excuses and then acting on their own deceptions.

For example, in the 1960s, the FLQ was accused by the Liberal government of the day led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau of burning down barns, bombings, etc. and it was those alleged terrorist acts which led to kidnappings and at least one murder and culminated in the War Measures Act being invoked.

The War Measures Act completely suspended the civil liberties of Canadians from one end of the country to the other allowing the state to arrest and hold anyone on any grounds for any length of time without any legal recourse or protections under the law.

In Canada in October of 1970 we had outright fascism for a period of one month and it was all legally done. To this day our alleged Charter of Rights does not protect us from this treasonous (in my opinion) act of the Liberal Party of undermining our Democracy.

In 1976, we had the McDonald Commission of RCMP Wrongdoing Hearings which finally exposed the fact that the barn burnings and bombings were not only RCMP Red Squad inspired but RCMP Red Squad implemented.

Operation CheckMate, one of the operations which was under investigation at the time, is still secret and this portion of the Hearing has not been declassified despite the fact that declassification is supposed to occur after 20 years (1996).

Now, in the new Millenium, skanks like Fantino, through the Conservatives have reintroduced these types of operations and are trying to make them legal again by removing the few protections (like the requirement for warrants) that exist to protect us from these criminal (in my opinion) violations of the civil rights of Canadians.

In criminal (in my opinion) collusion with the Ontario Liberals draconian and fascist legislation was dusted off and applied during the G8/G20 summit where over 1000 protestors were arrested or detained illegally (in my opinion) over a period of two days. This occurred while Fantino was OPP Commissioner and also on JIG, the group that was responsible for G8/G20 security and each and every policy that was implemented at the time.

Odd how during all of the violence which occurred by a group which had been infiltrated by the OPP (by their own admission) there wasn't a single cop around.

It made for a great reason to walk in and arrest lots of people though.

And as usual, Fantino had someone else to hide behind, Chief Blair took the heat for this one.

Fantino also contributed to the draconian Omnibus Crime Bill and sat in the background while Toews took the heat for it and I don’t doubt for one moment that it was Fantino who advised Toews to pull the “we’re doing it to get the pedophiles” bullshit out of his ass.

This is and has been Fantinos MO all the way down the line.

1. Fabricate an alleged “greater good” reason that people will get behind
2. Use that alleged “greater good” reason to violate everyone’s civil rights.
3. Repeat the lie over and over again through every outlet possible including the traditional media until people start to believe it.

This is the psychology of fascism.

It’s what Hitler did to rationalize many of his fascist laws and ironically it’s being used in democracies today around the world to undermine those very democracies and bring fascism in through the back door.

We can also give due credit to the German Stasi who also developed, introduced and used many of the techniques employed by those who wish to undermine our democratic processes and buy our governments.

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