Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Mine!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

The following was sent to me by a friend. Great Valentine's video :). Thanks!!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Segregation In Toronto!

We all had so many hopes and expectations for the New Millennium!

Sadly we seem to be going backwards instead of forwards.

This week sealed the deal in Toronto.

A meeting of the Toronto District School Board resulted in the acceptance and creation with public funding of a Black Focus Alternative School.

Call it what you want. Use whatever PC phrasing suits you. It doesn't change reality and it doesn't change the fact that in the New Millennium, Toronto is introducing Segregation into the School System.

It is the complete and full extension and implementation of the racist policy of Multiculturalism followed by Canada.

I mean what do you expect in a country which actually advocates the ghettoization of the population and has everyone convinced that this racist policy and ghettoization of minorities is intended to eliminate racism?

How does one eliminate racism by emphasizing differences and stereotypes?

Ask any Psychologist to give you a review of the research done on Stereotypes since the 1930s. The end result of this research clearly shows that a policy like Multiculturalism is not going to do anything to eliminate racism and in fact hasn't.

See my previous blog on this topic for some background links:

And this week, we've seen the beginnings of a new racism.
A racism that says:
"I'm a hyphenated Canadian and therefore require special attention. I want and am entitled to maintain my own religion, schools, language and culture. I don't wish to respect the existing society and therefore will create my own little world at the expense of all the taxpayers who are required to support my petty, provincial, narrow-minded outlook because Canada is a 'Multicultural Mosaic'."
What a load of fucking shit! Excuse the language, but seriously ....

Is there a reason why the existing secular democracy that we live in is not deserving of respect from these hyphenated Canadians?

Is there a reason why integration into this existing culture is a problem?

The fact is that if you look at the Indian community in Canada, Indians from India are more Westernized and less backward culturally than Indians from Canada. Arranged marriages and other outdated practices are disappearing in the large urban centers of India, but here in Canada, the Indian community is still fully engaged in it's commitment to these draconian peasant attitudes.

The cause? Multiculturalism.

Where do we expect to go with these bizarre attitudes of ghettoization?

Why don't we just make all schools Ethnic Focus schools?

Is there a compelling reason why Black children should be treated differently than other children?

We can now start a White Ethnocentric school which teaches the children Aryan Culture.

Why would that be more wrong than having a Black Focus school which teaches Afrocentric Culture?

Since most Indians are also Aryan we could have an Indian Ethnocentric school which teaches Indian Aryan Culture as well.

Then we can have a Semite Focus school which teaches Semitic Culture. Of course we'd have to separate the Jews and the Muslims here and create two types of Semite Focus schools as we did with the Aryans.

Sino Focus schools could be next. Again there would have to be splits to accomodate things like the differences between Chinese and Japanese culture.

Are we getting the picture yet?

Multiculturalism is a racist policy, people, and it's the one leading us down this merry path of Ethnic Focus schools.