Saturday, May 16, 2015

Justice for the Zone 9 Bloggers ‪#‎FreeZone9bloggers‬

Bloggers are citizen journalists.

The following bloggers are not Zone 9 bloggers but the issue of protecting the free speech rights of bloggers on the web as citizen journalists is a general one. Many bloggers around the world have been imprisoned, murdered, executed, or persecuted for the opinions they are expressing. Everyone irrespective of their beliefs and whether anyone thinks their beliefs are offensive or not has a natural right to Free Speech, free expression of those beliefs. If that natural right is removed from some, it can potentially be removed on all on the same grounds. Dangerous beliefs are better expressed in the open than in underground because they can be challenged, refuted, and exposed as dangerous when they are out in the open. Hate speech laws are not a protection of citizen rights they are assault on all citizen rights even if we disagree with the opinions they are intended to 'protect' us from.

The Final Posts of a Murdered Blogger

“No one with a free mind can limit themselves within the walls of narrow-mindedness,” Ananta Bijoy Das wrote hours before his death.