Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks : The Truth Shall Set You Free

Wikileaks has done it again and this time amidst threats from various governments as well as massive DDOS attacks. 

Why is the truth so controversial?

We live in a world where our governments insist on secrecy under various rationales and justifications.

So, when we are faced with the truths of our governments actions, we are hungry for it. This is actually quite sad in democratic societies which bill themselves on their transparency and a media which claims to support the traditions of great journalists like Edward R. Murrows.

This illusion of democracy and an ethical media that we live under gets exposed when organizations like Wikileaks present us with the unvarnished truth.

And yet, how are we, the citizens supposed to shoulder our responsibility of ensuring that the state remain ethical and works in our best interests when we don't have the truth at our disposal?

This is the service that Wikileaks is providing to each and every one us and frankly, I don't see a downside to it.

Not for the citizen anyway.

I'm sure that those governments which may have engaged in unethical or illegal activities may have a problem with it. One usually does when one has something to hide.

Perhaps it's time that governments learned to trust the citizenry instead of treating us like a potential enemy?

We, are the people, after all. 

The ones that government is supposed to be acting in the service of. Not the other way around.

In my opinion, Wikileaks has adopted the best traditions of American journalism. Traditions that the modern media pay lip service to but in reality, abandoned a long time ago.

In this era of corruption at high levels, it's just what the Doctor ordered.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Does Julian Fantino Have To Hide?

I'm guessing he has a lot to hide and cudos go to Liberal Leader Ignatieff for raising the question and demanding answers. 

Apparently the only G20 budget details now unaccounted for is the 100 million dollars spent by the OPP under Fantino's leadership as OPP Commissioner.

Since Fantino is running under the Conservative banner and has been endorsed personally by Harper, Ignatieff's concern that the Conservatives are supporting a cover up in order to ensure Fantino gets elected in the Vaughn Federal By-Election on November 29 is quite legitimate.

Why is Fantino so reluctant to have that information made public at this time if he has nothing to hide?

Why is the Conservative Party willing to risk their reputation to cover up for Fantino if he does have something to hide? 

Wouldn't it be better for the Conservatives to drop their support for Fantino before it causes them potentially major problems down the line?

This is the type of thing that could ensure that they lose the next Federal Election to the Liberals so they shouldn't make the mistake of assuming that this will blow over. 

Ignatieff is a smart man and he's not going to stop flogging this useful and timely horse. It's a gift horse for the Liberal Party.

And frankly, shouldn't the voters in Vaughn be aware of any possible corruption where taxpayers money is concerned before they elect Fantino to represent their community? Don't they have that right?

Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair, openly and honestly, handed over his budget and his was probably the only police service involved that came in under budget. 

He, apparently, didn't have anything to hide but then he's a police officer who is known for his integrity and honesty.

In addition to Fantino being required to hand over the details of the G20 OPP expenditures immediately, I would like the answers to the following questions:

Given the fact that the OPP under Julian Fantino's leadership infiltrated the Southern Ontario Anarchists:

1. Why was this most violent protest where vandalism was concerned, in the history of G20 protests around the world? 
2. How did these plans get past the OPP undercover officers or did they?
3. Did Fantino authorize agent provocateurs to incite Black Bloqists?
4. Did the undercover officers become Black Bloqists?
5. Where were the police when this vandalism was occurring?

Note that the old Red Squad style Dirty Tricks are now illegal in Canada.

If the OPP, under Fantino's leadership, did engage in this style of Dirty Tricks, then those who made these decisions as well as those who implemented these decisions, should be held accountable and charges laid.

And if this was done, don't the good people of Vaughn have the right to make an informed vote and not one based on a potentially serious deception?

Perhaps Fantino is afraid the budget might expose these types of expenditures?

Now I'm not a supporter or advocate of Anarchism. Frankly I don't understand it or care enough to try to understand it.

I am a defender of civil rights and am both shocked and outraged that such draconian abuses of power and  violations of citizen rights could occur in my city in 2010.

I want those responsible held accountable, no matter who they are. 

People like Fantino should not be above the law and should not be protected out of political expedience.

Not to mention the fact that if something serious is being hidden here it's going to come back to bite the Conservatives really hard.

So my question to the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Harper is:

Is Julian Fantino worth losing the next election over?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time

In Flanders Fields

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Atheists In Foxholes (United States)
Atheists in Foxholes

Atheists in foxholes, some say they are myths,
Creations of the mind who just don't exist.

Yet, they answered the call to defend, with great pride.
With reason their watchword, they bled and they died.

They took Saratoga from the British crown,
Secured America's freedom at the Battle of Yorktown.

From Sumter to Appomattox, fields flowed with their blood.
When the cannons grew silent, the flag proudly stood.

From the Marne to the Argonne, in trenches and tanks,
They defeated the Germans -- the whole world gave thanks.

They were bombed at Pearl Harbor, fought on to Berlin.
Many freethinking women served along with the men.

Still war keeps erupting -- Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo.
Where is the peace that eludes people so?

It is broken by tyrants who bear crosses and creeds,
That overshadow reason with hate and cruel deeds.

So atheists prevail until your work is complete.
Mothers mourn, children cry, and bigots plan your defeat.

By air, land, and sea, you answer freedom's call.
Without god or faith, you seek liberty for all.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

CBCs The Confession : Russell Williams

View The Confession online, A Fifth Estate program.

Before I comment on this particular show, let me just say, that Fifth Estate has exceeded themselves this season. 

I haven't missed an episode. While I've enjoyed the show for years, I haven't watched more than three episodes a season in the past. Of course, we all have different levels of interest in different topics so I suppose it could simply mean that this season so far has covered topics I happen to be interested in and past seasons haven't. Or, it could be the fact that I have registered for their email notifications and am now more aware of the show topics. Or, it could just be that this is a particularly good season.

Whichever it is, I've been riveted, so thanks, Fifth Estate.

The Confession was a fascinating look at the Police Interrogation process as well as a very revealing, albeit brief, glimpse into the mind of Russell Williams. A mind which I believe is quite psychopathic.

It presented a one hour collage of the original 8 hour (I think) interrogation, avoiding sensationalism, and focusing the attention on both the Interrogation technique and Williams avoidance strategies.

Now, I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I have had the rather unpleasant experience of having to deal with psychopaths in my personal life. 

Some were relatives and one has been a life long stalker who continues to stalk me to this day.

I believe that direct personal experience, plus my own self-education, provides me with some unique qualifications and enough personal insight to talk about this topic in an informed way.

Key character traits of the psychopath are that they are pathological liars and narcissists. They have to be pathological liars. It's the only way that they can fly under the radar and maintain their mask of sanity. This mask of sanity is maintained in the same way that all narcissists do it. Through conscious and deliberate image building and image marketing. (While all psychopaths are narcissists, not all narcissists are psychopaths).

Since they are incapable of feeling empathy which is the foundation of most of our positive emotions like love, compassion, etc. they learn from a very young age to imitate those who can.

So, it was quite interesting when during the interview, the following occurred:

1. The interrogator asked Williams how he wanted to be seen and then casually dropped the phrase cold-blooded psychopath

If you watch the show, look for this and watch Williams expression. It's priceless.

2. Later on in the interview, Williams starts expressing concern for his wife and her feelings and in his letter to her deliberately presents an affectionate portrayal of his fondness for his cat.

Note that the McDonald Triad (childhood animal torture, pyromania, and bedwetting) for Serial Killers is now common knowledge as is the likely physiological characteristic of psychopathy, the inability to feel empathy

Since psychopaths are narcissists who work on image building, then it would matter more to them to carefully craft their image as a poor, misunderstood killer than be tagged with the image of a cold-blooded psychopath. This is assuming, of course, that they can't lie their way out of having committed the crime in the first place or successfully point the finger at someone else.

According to Martha Stout, in her book, The Sociopath Next Door, they need and want pity nor matter how evil their crimes.

So, Williams response of demonstrating concern for his wife's feelings and affection for his cat, to the Interrogators casual insertion of the phrase, cold-blooded psychopath, was, therefore, a classic and predictable  psychopathic response.

That is, it was nothing more than a typically narcissistic attempt to correct his image from that of cold-blooded psychopath to that of a poor, misunderstood serial killer. In other words, he does terrible things, he doesn't understand why does them, and needs help, sympathy and compassion. He will say or do anything to keep his mask firmly in place including the copious shedding of crocodile tears for his poor victims.

There was, of course, a lot more in that interview which leads one to the conclusion that Williams is a psychopath, but this was such an obvious example of his psychopathy that it was, in my opinion, worth extracting and pointing out.

Psychopaths in high, privileged positions, like both Williams and the one stalking me, pose a serious danger to our society.

Psychopaths in high, privileged positions who are also entrusted with Canada's Defense and Intelligence, like both Williams and the one stalking me, pose a much more serious danger to our National Security.

This is a serious problem which needs to be addressed by society.

Dr. Robert Hare, Professor Emeritus at UBC, is Canada's internationally renown and foremost expert in the field of Psychopathy and has written numerous books on this topic as well as created the PCL scale which can be used to determine psychopathy in individuals.

According to Dr. Hare, in his book, The Disturbing World of the Psychopath:
"If crime is the job description, the psychopath is the perfect applicant."
Psychopaths are found in every segment of society, and there is a good chance that eventually you will have a painful or humiliating encounter with one. Your best defense is to understand the nature of these human predators."
"Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret.
. . . psychopaths are generally well satisfied with themselves and with their inner landscape, bleak as it may seem to outside observers. They see nothing wrong with themselves, experience little personal distress, and find their behavior rational, rewarding, and satisfying; they never look back with regret or forward with concern. They perceive themselves as superior beings in a hostile, dog-eat-dog world in which others are competitors for power and resources. Psychopaths feel it is legitimate to manipulate and deceive others in order to obtain their “rights,” and their social interactions are planned to outmaneuver the malevolence they see in others."
Psychopaths Among Us / Suffering Souls

Saturday, November 06, 2010

CBCs Above Suspicion : Colonel Russell Williams

Colonel David Russell Williams was finally arrested on February 7, 2010. 

On February 8, 2010, he was formally charged with two counts of first degree murder, forcible confinement and sexual assault of Marie France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd. 

Up until that time he had also committed numerous break-ins and thefts of underwear and other personal items like photographs including those of a young 15 year old girl.

But, unfortunately for Larry Jones, not before his reputation and life were turned upside down by Williams' apparent and rather successful attempts to frame him.

Had it not been for one sole witness who just happened to be driving by Jessica Lloyd's home (the second murder/rape victim) with  his cousin, just happened to spot an SUV sitting in the middle of a field near the house, and decided to report the observation to the police, Larry Jones would likely have been the one arrested. 

All of Russ Williams friends were in shock including the Commanding Officer that promoted him.

There was absolutely no indication to anyone who knew him that he was even capable of such things. As a result he was entrusted with the command of the top secret base Camp Mirage in Dubai and later with the command of one of Canada's main military bases in Trenton, Ontario, CFB Trenton. He was also given the responsibility of flying the PM, the Queen, the Governor General and other top dignitaries around Canada and overseas.

In my personal opinion (I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist) Mr. Williams displays all of the characteristics of a Psychopath.

Without an understanding of the psychopathic mind, without any knowledge of psychopaths and how they operate, Mr. Williams' Commanding Officer and friends would have had no way of knowing what they were dealing with.

Psychopaths are experts at maintaining their masks of sanity and normalcy. They are also expert manipulators and pathological liars. While there may be some benefit to ruthlessness in certain security and intelligence fields, the risk of having a psychopath in these positions outweighs any potential benefit because their personal obsessions reign supreme and they are incapable of real loyalty or allegiance.

Now, imagine the story if Mr. Russell Williams was a multimillionaire with high level political, social, police, defence and intelligence connections. 

Imagine Mr. Russell Williams as a member of Canada's wealthy elite.

One who socialized with the Queen, the PM, the Governor General and other dignitaries.

One with the financial resources to:
  1. bribe people to maintain their silence, 
  2. hire people and unethical private investigation firms privately to perform the riskier criminal acts of break-ins, thefts, frame-ups, kidnapping, fraud, etc., 
  3. influence-peddle the wealthy as well as  influence-peddle (and buy) politicians, judges, lawyers and other professionals, 
  4. had the connections to misappropriate government funds, 
  5. manipulate the media, 
  6. ruin anyone who got in his way,  
amongst other things.

And was satisfied with gaining his thrills vicariously rather than directly.

The National security and social security implications of such a person existing are mind-boggling as is the potential risk.

Will he get caught? Or will he continue to be Above Suspicion?