Saturday, November 06, 2010

CBCs Above Suspicion : Colonel Russell Williams

Colonel David Russell Williams was finally arrested on February 7, 2010. 

On February 8, 2010, he was formally charged with two counts of first degree murder, forcible confinement and sexual assault of Marie France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd. 

Up until that time he had also committed numerous break-ins and thefts of underwear and other personal items like photographs including those of a young 15 year old girl.

But, unfortunately for Larry Jones, not before his reputation and life were turned upside down by Williams' apparent and rather successful attempts to frame him.

Had it not been for one sole witness who just happened to be driving by Jessica Lloyd's home (the second murder/rape victim) with  his cousin, just happened to spot an SUV sitting in the middle of a field near the house, and decided to report the observation to the police, Larry Jones would likely have been the one arrested. 

All of Russ Williams friends were in shock including the Commanding Officer that promoted him.

There was absolutely no indication to anyone who knew him that he was even capable of such things. As a result he was entrusted with the command of the top secret base Camp Mirage in Dubai and later with the command of one of Canada's main military bases in Trenton, Ontario, CFB Trenton. He was also given the responsibility of flying the PM, the Queen, the Governor General and other top dignitaries around Canada and overseas.

In my personal opinion (I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist) Mr. Williams displays all of the characteristics of a Psychopath.

Without an understanding of the psychopathic mind, without any knowledge of psychopaths and how they operate, Mr. Williams' Commanding Officer and friends would have had no way of knowing what they were dealing with.

Psychopaths are experts at maintaining their masks of sanity and normalcy. They are also expert manipulators and pathological liars. While there may be some benefit to ruthlessness in certain security and intelligence fields, the risk of having a psychopath in these positions outweighs any potential benefit because their personal obsessions reign supreme and they are incapable of real loyalty or allegiance.

Now, imagine the story if Mr. Russell Williams was a multimillionaire with high level political, social, police, defence and intelligence connections. 

Imagine Mr. Russell Williams as a member of Canada's wealthy elite.

One who socialized with the Queen, the PM, the Governor General and other dignitaries.

One with the financial resources to:
  1. bribe people to maintain their silence, 
  2. hire people and unethical private investigation firms privately to perform the riskier criminal acts of break-ins, thefts, frame-ups, kidnapping, fraud, etc., 
  3. influence-peddle the wealthy as well as  influence-peddle (and buy) politicians, judges, lawyers and other professionals, 
  4. had the connections to misappropriate government funds, 
  5. manipulate the media, 
  6. ruin anyone who got in his way,  
amongst other things.

And was satisfied with gaining his thrills vicariously rather than directly.

The National security and social security implications of such a person existing are mind-boggling as is the potential risk.

Will he get caught? Or will he continue to be Above Suspicion?

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Medawar said...

Blaming somebody else is part of why psychopaths commit crimes in the first place.

For a pathological lair, it is necessary not merely to frame someone who didn't do it, but to frame someone who COULDN'T have done it and still get everyone to blame them.

Those involved in framing Stefan Kisko managed to convince a magistrate to drop the charges because too much time had elapsed for them to have a fair trial, and there has never even been an inquiry to see if there was any link between them and the actual murderer of Lesley Molseed. None of the evidence used to convict Ronald Castree of Lesley's murder actually precludes the involvement of other men, it's just that his was the definitive DNA sample left on her undergarments.