Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout

"His parents had a great deal of money, were "mega-rich" as the other kids put it.


Still, Skip had a problem. He was bored most of the time. The amusements he pursued, even the girls, even fooling the teachers, even thinking about his money, did not keep him energized for longer than half an hour or so.

The family wealth held the most promise as an entertainment, but it was not under his control yet - he was still a child.

No, the only real relief from boredom was the fun he could have in Virginia. Vacations were a very good time.

That first summer, when he was eight, he had simply stabbed the bullfrogs with a scissor, for want of another method.


With a little bribe from Skip, his friend Tim would buy him some fireworks there and smuggle them home in the bottom of his suitcase.

Tim would be scared to do it, but with a pep talk from Skip, and enough money, he would.

Next summer, Skip would have not scissors but fireworks."

The Sociopath Next Door by M. Stout, Chapter 2. Ice People: The Sociopaths, page 37-38.

Conscience is the window of the spirit, evil is the curtain -- Doug Horton.

Unfortunatly Sociopaths exist in far too great numbers in both real life and the cyberworld and while the numbers are small percentage-wise they wreak a lot of havoc.