Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terrorism Discredits Any Cause

Lately I've been posting about the brutal genocide and torture of Aboriginal children at the hands of staff and clerics in the Church run Indian Residential Schools.

I'm supportive of the survivors, their desire for justice and wish the People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools much success in their endeavor to get the truth out to the public as well as obtain justice for the survivors of this abuse.

However, the recent burning down of the Royal Bank of Canada in Ottawa is reprehensible, if it was indeed the target of a fire-bombing by anarchist groups because of Indian land claims and other related issues as some news reports speculate.

Terrorism discredits a cause, it doesn't help it.

Hopefully, CSIS will track down these terrorists quickly before they have a chance to do anymore damage.

And I'm referring to the damage done to both the RBC as well as that which would be done to the People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools, if this act was committed in support Aboriginal issues.

The RBC as a private institution has the right to financially support any enterprise they wish to without fear of being subjected to terrorist threats and intimidation whether anyone agrees with that financial support or not.

The People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools consist of people who are looking for Justice.

Terrorist acts do not provide this justice and will hurt their efforts.
CBC News: Fire Bombing Of RBC

So, whoever did this ... please stay out of Toronto and stop committing these terrorist acts.

There are better, peaceful ways to express concerns about social issues.

Threats, bullying, intimidation and terrorist acts is not the way to do it whether the target is an individual, Government or a Corporation.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Help Remove the Gag from Survivors of Genocide in Canada

The following statement was issued by the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared, Canada

I wish them much success in this endeavor and encourage others to support them and participate in this historic and very important event. --Kitty Hundal.

"Participate in our Peoples' Inquiry into Residential Schools on June 15 in Winnipeg - Put and End to the Government and Church Coverup known as the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission"

May 1, 2010

Dear friends,

For nearly two decades, in the face of enormous repression and concealment by church and state, our network has documented the stories of torture, genocide and murder by survivors of Indian residential schools across Canada, and has forced this issue onto the national political agenda.

In response, the groups responsible for the death of nearly half the children in these institutions - the government of Canada and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church - have exonerated themselves from their crimes and established their own "truth and reconciliation commission" (TRC) to whitewash their responsibility for clearly intentional crimes against humanity.

This "TRC" is in essence an enormous miscarriage of justice.

The TRC has no power to lay criminal charges or issue subpoenas, will not allow the naming of names or presenting of evidence of wrongdoing in residential schools, will not grant protective immunity to those testifying, and will prevent its findings to be used in courts of law.

With such restrictions and censorship, the TRC will be incapable of conducting any serious inquiry into crimes in Indian residential schools, or of issuing any kind of detailed or accurate report about this tragic history that claimed the lives of at least 50,000 children over a century.

Not only will this "official" self-examination by the parties guilty of a crime provide no satisfaction to the thousands of survivors who are seeking an open forum in which they can be freely heard, and seek justice, but the mandate of the "TRC" violates international human rights protocols requiring an impartial and open inquiry into apparent crimes against humanity, and the proper consultation of victims of such criminal acts.

In response, our network and other survivors of church abuse will be holding a counter hearing process across Canada to provide a real and open inquiry into the Indian residential schools of Canada.

This counter hearing will be known as The Peoples' Inquiry into Crimes in Indian Residential Schools, and will commence on the day that the "TRC" opens its first forum, on Tuesday, June 15 at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Our hearing will be held near to the site of the TRC event and will invite survivors to present their full stories and evidence of what they suffered in these schools, and what they still endure, in an uncensored venue.

We anticipate and have requested the presence of international human rights observers at our event on June 15, in order to monitor the evidence submitted to our forum, and any possible irregularities or restrictions occurring at the government's "TRC" event.

Our campaign has the support of survivors' groups, human rights networks and the news media in Europe and other regions, and its events and findings will be reported around the world.

Our aim is to produce and issue an eventual Counter Report to the government's TRC report that can be used to bring charges against Canada and its churches.

We invite you to officially endorse and take part in our June 15 counter hearing and open forum, and help us record for the world the complete evidence of crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools.

We see our campaign as part of a growing international movement to bring to justice those responsible for the organized criminal abuse and trafficking in children, including church, government and police agencies.

Please contact us at this email or at 250-753-3345 in Canada. More information will be sent to you soon, as part of international press advisories concerning our actions.


Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind, Elder, Anishinabe Nation
for The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared - Canada"

More information is available from the Hidden From History web site

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Canada, the Church, and Aboriginal Genocide

The two hour movie called, Unrepentant, at the end of this post is well worth watching.

There are three stories here.

1. The genocide, abuse and brutal torture of Aboriginal children in Indian Residential Schools run by Canadian Churches in collaboration with and funded by the Canadian Government.

2. Medical and Psychological experimentation on Aboriginal children which in most cases amounted to torture and in many cases ended in death.

Mass graves of Aboriginal children exist all over Canada, where Indian Residential Schools were located, but two spark particular interest.

One is located on National Defense Department land where a Native Indian Hospital was situated. Survivors claim that they were subjected to abusive medical experimentation there.

The other is located behind Allan Memorial Institute, home of MKUltra and Dr. Ewan Cameron's extreme and abusive psychic driving experiments. Survivors claim that they were subjected to abusive psychological experimentation there.

3. The Malicious Persecution using Organized Stalking strategies of Kevin Annett who is struggling to get justice for the thousands of children killed in these schools and the hundreds of thousands of survivors.

Kevin Annett was a United Church of Canada Reverend who was fired, de-listed, harassed, amongst many, many other things because of his refusal to stop exposing the crimes against humanity of the Churches and Government of Canada against Aboriginal children in Indian Residential Schools.

Kevin says he continues to walk with Christ while harshly criticizing religion, the Churches and their hypocrisy.

I find it interesting that while the News Media is all over reports of child sexual and physical abuse these days, the survivors of Aboriginal genocide and child torture are being all but ignored.

Truly shameful!


"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. 
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
--Mohandas Gandhi