Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terrorism Discredits Any Cause

Lately I've been posting about the brutal genocide and torture of Aboriginal children at the hands of staff and clerics in the Church run Indian Residential Schools.

I'm supportive of the survivors, their desire for justice and wish the People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools much success in their endeavor to get the truth out to the public as well as obtain justice for the survivors of this abuse.

However, the recent burning down of the Royal Bank of Canada in Ottawa is reprehensible, if it was indeed the target of a fire-bombing by anarchist groups because of Indian land claims and other related issues as some news reports speculate.

Terrorism discredits a cause, it doesn't help it.

Hopefully, CSIS will track down these terrorists quickly before they have a chance to do anymore damage.

And I'm referring to the damage done to both the RBC as well as that which would be done to the People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools, if this act was committed in support Aboriginal issues.

The RBC as a private institution has the right to financially support any enterprise they wish to without fear of being subjected to terrorist threats and intimidation whether anyone agrees with that financial support or not.

The People's Inquiry Into Residential Schools consist of people who are looking for Justice.

Terrorist acts do not provide this justice and will hurt their efforts.
CBC News: Fire Bombing Of RBC

So, whoever did this ... please stay out of Toronto and stop committing these terrorist acts.

There are better, peaceful ways to express concerns about social issues.

Threats, bullying, intimidation and terrorist acts is not the way to do it whether the target is an individual, Government or a Corporation.

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