The Hundal Family

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2008 is our 100th Anniversary in North America, starting from both of our grandfathers' (brothers, Hakam and Jewan) arrival in 1908 in both Vancouver, BC, Canada and San Francisco, California, USA.

One of the things that I love about us, is the amazing diversity represented in our family because of our long history in North America.

The religions, politics, and colors cover almost the entire sphere of possibilities out there.

We even have a strong and healthy number of atheists most of whom are techies.

We are the poster child for successful intermarriage over three generations, starting with the very handsome Grand-Uncle Jewan who married a lovely Spanish American Catholic girl.

Religion, politics, nationality, color don't exist as barriers for us. It's just another interesting fact about another addition to the family.

Anyway, it's New Years 2008, and I just wanted to send a 100th Anniversary Toast to everyone!

Cheers, Love and Best Wishes,


If you aren't already aware, Becoming Canadians: Pioneer Sikhs in Canada, includes us as one of the pioneer families.