Saturday, October 05, 2013

Warning From #Anonymous - We Are Awake

There are numerous reforms that can be made both in the US and France which are Republics and where the Constitution protects the rights of the people as inviolable. There are also numerous reforms that can be made in Parliamentary democracies which grant the people their rights.

1. First and foremost we need to redefine what constitutes Treason. Treason, in reality is, and in law should be:

a. any act which undermines the democratic processes of a country such as election fraud, excessive payments to politicians who in turn advocate policies favorable to those who financed their campaigns, etc.
b. any act which undermines the local economy in favor of external or international interests,
c. any act such as lobbying which benefits a foreign power at the expense of the country.

2. The next critical change has to be establishing restrictions on Investment Capitalism and Banking as a system while allowing Productive Capitalism to flourish. Investment Capitalism and Banking is what's destroying our economy not Capitalism per se.

3. Then we need to evaluate our entire Justice system and establish laws that guarantee One Law For All including the wealthy elite and establish punishments for those who refuse to implement the law fairly and even handedly applying it to all.

4. Abuse of power and Corruption by any elected official or employee of the state, particularly when innocent citizens are the victims.

Those are just a few suggestions. I'm sure that given some thought others could come up with more.