Monday, January 22, 2007


This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!! lol

Friday, January 19, 2007

Enter The New Kid On The Block - USINPAC

NOTE: I'm aware that there are certain malicious lies being spread to smear me. Please note that the comments here represent my opinions and my opinions alone. Neither I nor the opinions represented in my Blog are representative of any group or organization. To those of you who disagree with me, don't bother wasting my time with threats, intimidation, and harrassment. You are only demeaning yourselves with this sleazy behavior. I'm not interested, you don't scare me, and I'll say what I want. Last time I looked we live in a democracy ... ever heard of freedom of speech?

Well ... I've done a little research and at this time would like say that I believe that some of the criticisms launched against USINPAC (US INDIA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE) appear to be a little unfair, and some appear to be outright false. As you can see in my previous blogs, I have supported a relationship between India and the US for a long time. That opinion hasn't changed.

However, if it is true that USINPAC is simply acting as a lap dog for AIPAC, I'd like to say to USINPAC that you don't really need AIPACs support. In fact, it may hurt you at this time considering the fact that they have been accused of (among other things) spying for a foreign government and two of their members charged.

In my opinion, the US interest in building a relationship with India has to do with the destabilization of Pakistan and not with any lobby efforts by either AIPAC or USINPAC. It's become clear to the US through their own experience.

However, USINPAC, can play an important role in building that relationship, those bridges, including the building of a relationship with Pakistan based on Pakistan rejecting support for terrorism.

India's economic boom not only makes India a potentially more reliable partner and ally to the US, but a larger and more effective partner in that region. I would even go as far as to say that, at this time, the US needs India more than India needs the US.

Israels' importance to the US diminished when the Cold War ended and the reality is, with India on the US side, Israels' importance to the US will diminish even further. Which may explain Israel and AIPACs' interest in developing India and USINPAC as allies.

AIPAC only has the support of 100,000 jews in an American community of millions of jews! You may want to consider why this is the case ... and frankly it does matter.

USINPAC could maintain the support of the majority of Indians in America and India, if you maintain a high level of ethical standards. Your leadership appears to be an extremely bright, well-educated group. There are many who will be putting their trust in you to put India's best face forward in any activities you engage in.

US India Political Action Committee web site.

Response to Amardeep

First, in relation to Amardeeps' comment: I stand corrected, Amardeep. You are absolutely right! It isn't just IT companies, but companies in all areas including fashion, media, entertainment, etc. Your point that India is expanding internationally, and has been for quite a while, in all areas, is also on point.

It's a development that I'm happy about too, and have even considered possible investments in my homeland for that reason. I think most Indians irrespective of where we live are happy that India's economy is doing so well.

I know young Indians, who have grown up in Canada, and have moved back to India to pursue careers there for this very reason!

What's new is the sudden proliferation, and, in some cases, the way these companies (in IT anyway) are working in the North American landscape.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me there's been a change recently.

Like I mentioned, I've just started to look into this, and that's why I appreciate getting comments and information sharing on this.

Thanks for your comments, and thanks to the rest of you for your comments as well. They were intelligent and insightful. Wish you'd let me publish them, but appreciate them anyway :).

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Indian IT Companies Branching Into Canada?

Am I the only one who has noticed the recent proliferation of Indian IT companies setting up in North America last year? When I asked a representative of one of these companies (just out of curiousity) what was going on, his response was simply ... globalization.

While that response is probably true as far as it goes, it really doesn't explain the recent proliferation!

As a Canadian IT person, a software developer, with origins in India (fathers family came here and to the US in 1908, mothers family came in the 60s), I have taken notice. I'd like to understand what is really going on and what the effect on our Canadian software development industry is likely to be.

If this current proliferation was just a result of globalization, why is it happening now? Why didn't it happen 10 or 15 years ago?

Bush recently went to India for the first time. Again why now? Why not in the 90s? The reason the US didn't have a relationship with India before the 90s was because of Indias' support for the communist run Soviet Union. Why didn't they hook up when the Berlin Wall came down and when the Soviet Union finally made a break with their communist past?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth (well ... maybe I am) but it's an interesting curiousity.

I've long felt that the US was wrong in maintaining a relationship with Pakistan and not India, particularly after the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorist attack in New York. India has a lot of experience dealing with modern moslem extremists (and no I'm not say that all moslems are extremists - most are extremely nice hard working people just like the rest of us) and India, in fact, did make a contribution toward assisting the US in terms of information sharing, despite the tight US-Pakistan relationship which existed up until very recently.

So ... I don't have a problem with the close ties that have recently been developed between India and the US. In fact, I think it's a good thing. It will benefit both India and the US in the long run.

Canada has maintained a close diplomatic and trading partnership with India for a very long time. Some have commented that the Canada India relationship has actually benefited Canada more than India. I don't know whether this is true or not. There has certainly been a mutual benefit!

I'm just wondering why there is a huge proliferation of Indian IT companies coming into North America now, what role they are playing here, and how it will affect the software development community in Canada?

I think I'll do a little research ... more on this later.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back in Toronto

I'm home ... and have been for a while.

It's nice to be in my comfy apartment ... no glorious views, just a warm, familiarity about everything, and a feeling of being grounded again.

My mother is still in Evergreen House, the extended care wing of Lions Gate Hospital. Her mental faculties have returned slowly since the morphine was stopped, but she's still not considered competent by the medical and other professional staff at the hospital. This, despite receiving the best possible care. The dedication, patience, warmth, and support shown by most of the medical, professional, and care staff at Evergreen House, for the patients and their families, was amazing.

They've recommended she move into an Assisted Living community. My sister-in-law found an excellent one, and she's on the waiting list to move when there's a vacancy.

Her response to this was to start exercising a lot so that she could prove to all that she was able to look after herself. She doesn't understand that it's not her physical condition that is of concern, but her mental condition.

My brothers, sister and I have decided not to argue with her, just give her time to adjust, and hopefully she'll get used to the idea.

She's been so independent all of her life. The prospect of putting control of her life in anyone else's hands is unbearable to her.

She keeps assuring me that she is doing very well ... improving all of the time ... and expects to go home soon.

I tell her, that I'm really happy to hear that, and feel like I'm lying to her because I know that her hope to return to her own home is futile.

Her home and her neighborhood are her source of security ... the place where she's lived for over 40 years. Her place.

To her, selling her home means taking away her roots, her base.

To her, not living independently and being sick is a personal failure.

And yet, she likes being looked after and likes not having to worry about anything.

... a real conflict of emotions.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Who - It's Not True

This song is dedicated to those losers out there who have nothing better to do in their lives than spread malicious lies and rumors about me, in an inane effort to ruin my personal and professional reputation, as well as use those lies to convince others to create problems for me, and to justify their own nasty behavior. Get over whatever your problem is (I've given up trying to figure it out!) and move on with your lives.

This strategy of yours, of accusing me of doing the very things that you are doing to me is not only lame, but sleazy in the extreme and is a clear indication of how completely bankrupt you are.

Unlike you I am willing to publicly and unequivocally state that I have done none of the things you claim that I have done. Are you willing to do the same? No, because you are well aware that you are deliberately lying. This is why you have to hide and engage in your smear campaign behind the scenes!

You are truly a sick, pathetic bunch of cowards, who, in my opinion, suffer from paranoid delusions.

Just in case you're too stupid to get this: Stalking, Criminal Harrassment, Assault, Vandalizing, Theft, Framing people and Fabricating "evidence", Impersonation, sending out phony emails purportedly from me, as well as filing false complaints with different agencies are criminal and illegal acts. Slander, Defamation of Character, and Professional Misconduct opens you up to civil suits where I could potentially get every penny you have and garnishee your income for the rest of your lives. Is this a risk you're willig to take?

To those of you foolish enough to believe these bizarre and outlandish tales, all I have to say to you is ... get a brain!

If anyone out there has any concrete information they are willing to pass on to me, please email me through this site. If there are any Lawyers and Private Investigators out there, willing to help me prepare a case on a pro bono basis, with an agreement to take a percentage of the claim, I would really like to hear from you.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Neil Young - Imagine

This is dedicated to my son, Cam, who was on his way to work in mid-town Manhattan during the events of 9/11/2001 and witnessed it all first hand. The trauma, health issues, etc. suffered by New Yorkers, because of Al Qaeda's terrorist attack, continue to this day ... You're a survivor!