Friday, January 19, 2007

Enter The New Kid On The Block - USINPAC

NOTE: I'm aware that there are certain malicious lies being spread to smear me. Please note that the comments here represent my opinions and my opinions alone. Neither I nor the opinions represented in my Blog are representative of any group or organization. To those of you who disagree with me, don't bother wasting my time with threats, intimidation, and harrassment. You are only demeaning yourselves with this sleazy behavior. I'm not interested, you don't scare me, and I'll say what I want. Last time I looked we live in a democracy ... ever heard of freedom of speech?

Well ... I've done a little research and at this time would like say that I believe that some of the criticisms launched against USINPAC (US INDIA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE) appear to be a little unfair, and some appear to be outright false. As you can see in my previous blogs, I have supported a relationship between India and the US for a long time. That opinion hasn't changed.

However, if it is true that USINPAC is simply acting as a lap dog for AIPAC, I'd like to say to USINPAC that you don't really need AIPACs support. In fact, it may hurt you at this time considering the fact that they have been accused of (among other things) spying for a foreign government and two of their members charged.

In my opinion, the US interest in building a relationship with India has to do with the destabilization of Pakistan and not with any lobby efforts by either AIPAC or USINPAC. It's become clear to the US through their own experience.

However, USINPAC, can play an important role in building that relationship, those bridges, including the building of a relationship with Pakistan based on Pakistan rejecting support for terrorism.

India's economic boom not only makes India a potentially more reliable partner and ally to the US, but a larger and more effective partner in that region. I would even go as far as to say that, at this time, the US needs India more than India needs the US.

Israels' importance to the US diminished when the Cold War ended and the reality is, with India on the US side, Israels' importance to the US will diminish even further. Which may explain Israel and AIPACs' interest in developing India and USINPAC as allies.

AIPAC only has the support of 100,000 jews in an American community of millions of jews! You may want to consider why this is the case ... and frankly it does matter.

USINPAC could maintain the support of the majority of Indians in America and India, if you maintain a high level of ethical standards. Your leadership appears to be an extremely bright, well-educated group. There are many who will be putting their trust in you to put India's best face forward in any activities you engage in.

US India Political Action Committee web site.

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