Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Does Julian Fantino Have To Hide?

I'm guessing he has a lot to hide and cudos go to Liberal Leader Ignatieff for raising the question and demanding answers. 

Apparently the only G20 budget details now unaccounted for is the 100 million dollars spent by the OPP under Fantino's leadership as OPP Commissioner.

Since Fantino is running under the Conservative banner and has been endorsed personally by Harper, Ignatieff's concern that the Conservatives are supporting a cover up in order to ensure Fantino gets elected in the Vaughn Federal By-Election on November 29 is quite legitimate.

Why is Fantino so reluctant to have that information made public at this time if he has nothing to hide?

Why is the Conservative Party willing to risk their reputation to cover up for Fantino if he does have something to hide? 

Wouldn't it be better for the Conservatives to drop their support for Fantino before it causes them potentially major problems down the line?

This is the type of thing that could ensure that they lose the next Federal Election to the Liberals so they shouldn't make the mistake of assuming that this will blow over. 

Ignatieff is a smart man and he's not going to stop flogging this useful and timely horse. It's a gift horse for the Liberal Party.

And frankly, shouldn't the voters in Vaughn be aware of any possible corruption where taxpayers money is concerned before they elect Fantino to represent their community? Don't they have that right?

Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair, openly and honestly, handed over his budget and his was probably the only police service involved that came in under budget. 

He, apparently, didn't have anything to hide but then he's a police officer who is known for his integrity and honesty.

In addition to Fantino being required to hand over the details of the G20 OPP expenditures immediately, I would like the answers to the following questions:

Given the fact that the OPP under Julian Fantino's leadership infiltrated the Southern Ontario Anarchists:

1. Why was this most violent protest where vandalism was concerned, in the history of G20 protests around the world? 
2. How did these plans get past the OPP undercover officers or did they?
3. Did Fantino authorize agent provocateurs to incite Black Bloqists?
4. Did the undercover officers become Black Bloqists?
5. Where were the police when this vandalism was occurring?

Note that the old Red Squad style Dirty Tricks are now illegal in Canada.

If the OPP, under Fantino's leadership, did engage in this style of Dirty Tricks, then those who made these decisions as well as those who implemented these decisions, should be held accountable and charges laid.

And if this was done, don't the good people of Vaughn have the right to make an informed vote and not one based on a potentially serious deception?

Perhaps Fantino is afraid the budget might expose these types of expenditures?

Now I'm not a supporter or advocate of Anarchism. Frankly I don't understand it or care enough to try to understand it.

I am a defender of civil rights and am both shocked and outraged that such draconian abuses of power and  violations of citizen rights could occur in my city in 2010.

I want those responsible held accountable, no matter who they are. 

People like Fantino should not be above the law and should not be protected out of political expedience.

Not to mention the fact that if something serious is being hidden here it's going to come back to bite the Conservatives really hard.

So my question to the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Harper is:

Is Julian Fantino worth losing the next election over?

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