Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance #NSA #StopSpying

Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Big news. Today, the Internet is uniting to fight back against mass surveillance. 

The political landscape has shifted dramatically since the first Snowden leaks last June. We’re at a key moment in the battle against those who want to scoop up all your private personal information, whether it’s the NSA, or other countries’ spooks, like Britain’s GCHQ or Russia’s FSB.

Will you sign onto our global petitionopposing mass, suspicionless surveillance? 

It’s crafted by legal experts from around the world and lays out principles for restraint, oversight, and specificity for engaging in surveillance. Your signature will give weight to a new legal framework for policymakers that will lead to modern surveillance laws that will protect individual privacy rights, instead of trampling them.

You’ll be standing with over 360 activist groups from Colombia to Uganda, dozens of world experts, and thousands of your fellow Internet citizens.

Please help spread the word.

In addition to signing the global petition, you can share on social media using the hashtag #StopSpying.

You can also help us by installing this code on your website, which will install a banner urging visitors to oppose mass spying.

There are also protests, discussions, and cryptoparties being organized around the world.See if there's one in your area.

Back in the USA, we're fighting for you

Thanks to supporters like you, EFF has been fighting NSA surveillance in American courts. We're attacking Internet surveillance programs as illegal and unconstitutional under US law, and we're representing 22 organizations in challenging the phone records surveillance program on free speech grounds.

This is bigger than just the US, though. We’ve explained to states at the UN and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights the implications of the NSA’s spying on the privacy rights of everyone, at home and overseas. And we’re teaming up with our fellow activists around the world to make sure everyone is free from unchecked snooping, whether it’s from the United States’ dragnet spying, or your local surveillance state.
Stopping the NSA from collecting emails like this,

Rainey Reitman
Activism Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation

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