Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lala Land Part 2

It's been such a long time since I've spent much time in Vancouver. I moved out east for the third time in 1991 and haven't been here since except for a few very short 1 week visits.

I'm in Lynn Valley looking out of mothers' kitchen window at the blue grey mountains. The greenery is stunning, peoples' gardens have matured and the number of SUVs is nothing short of amazing! lol.

The neighbourhood hasn't changed that much. Although my mother and only a couple of the neighbours are part of the original neighbourhood. Some houses have been taken over by the kids, others have been sold and new, young families have moved in.

Next door the annual baseball tournament is underway in the park, an event that has occurred here since as far back as I can remember. This is one of the few communities in Canada that continue to celebrate May Day with the traditional Maypole dancing performed by the Girl Guides. I did my stint when I was in Grade 6 :)

I've taken to walking a lot (an easy thing to do here, and another feeble attempt to lose weight!). The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and warm.

My unemployment and my mothers' illness coincided and both have allowed me to return and spend some quiet reflective time here. It's a break I needed and appreciate but wish it hadn't come at her expense!

I need her well and strong again, and part of my life.

The doctor told us the mental confusion is worse because of the morphine she has to take every day. This is reassuring in that we know it's not permanent. When her bones heal and she builds up her strength and the morphine is no longer required, hopefully she'll be herself.

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