Sunday, August 26, 2007

God's Warriors

Go Christiane Amanpour and CNN!

I've always enjoyed her shows, but she really outdid herself with this one.

She's a true investigative journalist and her latest show, God's Warriors is a good example of this. It should be shown to all Journalism students as an example of the best in investigative reporting.

In my opinion, doing this particular show, produced in three parts, God's Warriors Jewish, Muslim and Christian, showed courage, and a passion for the truth.

A quick browse of news groups, and you'll find intense and heated debate on the first of her series, God's Warriors: Jewish terrorists and extremists!

Not a real surprise since this particular group of terrorists and extremists has been flying under the radar and has not received much media attention up until now. In fact, anyone who has brought up this issue in the past has been victimized by malicious smear campaigns, rumors, and false charges of antisemitism.

So, of course, it stands to reason that Ms. Amanpour is now being accused of the same thing.

Newsgroup postings, articles, blogs, etc. are accusing her of hating Israel, being antisemitic, misrepresentating Jews, etc. etc.

The main "complaints" seem to be:

1. She has placed Jewish terrorists and extremists on the same plain as Arab and Christian terrorists and extremists.

Why should they be on a different plain? A terrorist is a terrorist, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. They differ in ideology only.

2. There are very few Jewish terrorists as compared to Arab and Christian ones.

Since there are fewer Jews, that stands to reason, so what?

3. Well, at least they admit that Jewish terrorists and extremists exist, barely, but the claim is made that it's just a few individuals and there is no organized structure.

Not according to Israel which lists Kahane Chai, previously known as Jewish Defense League, as a terrorist organization. The US, Canada and European Union have now (after 9/11) added Kahane Chai to their list of Terrorist organizations as well.

So, according to these individuals, Ms Amanpour, a credible, well-respected, experienced journalist, recognized internationally, is a liar, and their attempts to do damage control by putting their "spin" on the story is God-given truth. The actual facts are incidental.

Well, frankly, given the option, I will chose to believe an independent and respected journalist like Ms Amanpour before getting sucked in to the inflammatory and sometimes libelous "opinions" of these individuals who are supposedly not organized or representing any special interest, just "ordinary Jews" expressing their "love for Israel".

I saw the show, there was no bias, no hatred of Israel, no antisemitism, no misrepresentation of Jews or exaggeration of the facts. It was objective, investigative journalism at it's best.

Now, if these people really loved Israel, then why don't they respect Israeli law and policy, never mind International Law.

After all, it was Israel that declared Kahane Chai a terrorist and extremist organization shortly after the assassination of Yitzak Rabin in the 1990s. Rabin negotiated a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians, one which was supported by the Israeli government, but one which Kahane Chai disagreed with. This settlement included withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza.

So, their solution to disagreement on policy with Israel is to commit murder and break the law. Sounds like terrorism to me!

So much for their "love of Israel". I guess their "love of Israel" doesn't include any respect for Israeli Law or Israeli Government Policy.

In fact, their "love for Israel" always seems to surface when it suits their particular extremist agenda, and they can use it to terrorize, smear, slander and abuse anyone who disagrees with that agenda by accusing their opposition of ... guess what ... hating Israel, being antisemitic, misrepresenting Jews, etc. etc.

This has been a pretty consistent strategy applied by those elements for years and has been pretty effective.

Ms Amanpour's documentary exposed that particular terrorist strategy for what it is, an attempt to bully and manipulate people, governments, media, etc. into silence, towing their extremist line, or turning a blind eye to existing policy that doesn't suit their extremist agenda. If that doesn't work, terrorism in the form of murder, mayhem, and lies are considered acceptable options.

Ouch! That's got to hurt. Once people know what the strategy is, that it is a strategy, and that the aim of that strategy is to further a terrorist and extremist agenda, they're less likely to be manipulated so easily.

One of the most striking differences I've noticed between how the different communities handle the problem of terrorists and extremists in their midst is that in the Christian, Sikh and Muslim communities, terrorist and extremist elements are recognized for what and who they are. The moderates in those communities come forward to provide leadership to their communities and to organize against and oppose the extremist and terrorist elements.

I know for a fact that there are large numbers of Jews who oppose this minority of terrorist and extremist elements in their midst, want a geniune peace in the Middle East, are not pushing an extremist agenda based on some questionable biblical prophecy, and do not hate Muslims. I know this because I have contact with the Jewish community, amongst my friends and family.

Why aren't these moderates in the Jewish community coming forward, providing leadership to their community, and openly condemning the terrorist and extremist elements in their midst.

Other communities have done this.

Israel has done this.

Why hasn't the Jewish community in the Western World done this?

Perhaps now they will ... We can only hope.

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