Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black Bloc Tactics

What do Black Bloc tactics accomplish for the characters in the G8/G20 drama in Toronto?

For the Protestors?

They obscure, if not obliterate their message as well as result in many innocent people getting arrested for absolutely no reason.

Of course, the roaming goon squads that vandalized the city should be, and many were, arrested.

However, I seriously doubt that the majority of people arrested were participants in those sprees or any other illegal/terrorist activity. Not based on the reports I've heard through the traditional, alternative and social media. 

Reports indicate that the goon squad members totaled between 50 and 100 out of thousands of Protesters. Based on the damage that occurred I'd say it was at the low end. A small number of determined people can do a lot of damage in a very short time when they're doing it unfettered.

At last count, on writing this blog and according to CBC News, well over 500 have been arrested, making this the largest mass arrest of people in Canada's history. Exceeding the previous record of 465 arrests which occurred during the War Measures Act in 1972 (FLQ Crisis).

UPDATE: As of 8:00PM EST, the number of arrests now exceeds 600 as per CBC TV News.

UPDATE: As of June 28, 2010 AM, the number of G20-related arrests made since June 18, 2010 totals over 900 as per the Toronto Star. 

Note that the War Measures Act (1972) was in place for a period of one month, Canada-wide and resulted in 465 arrests.

No, I didn't participate, wasn't downtown and didn't observe anything first hand so any criticism of my statements based on those grounds is fair comment.

For the Provincial Government?

They justify the draconian and extraordinary measures taken by the Liberal Government which amounts to a full suspension of Civil Rights similar to but far less extensive (regionally) than that which occurred during the War Measures Act.

The War Measures Act was invoked Canada-wide for a period of one month. This legislation was invoked for Toronto only, although the parameters and specifics are rather unclear to everyone including, apparently, the traditional Media.

The fact that this regional limitation exists and a much shorter time period is involved, and this number of people was arrested, makes this far worse than the gross violation of Civil Rights that occurred in Canada in 1972 with the invocation of the War Measures Act.

For the few unethical elements in the Private Security industry?

They justify the obscene additional expenditures which allowed them to rake in the profits.

Note that the Private Security industry provides private security guards as well as services like security passes, background clearances, equipment, etc. both to private companies in the area as well as to the G8/G20 security machine.

An atmosphere of fear helps them enormously when it comes to selling their services, particularly when it causes the public policing services to become overwhelmed..

So, the only ones who don't benefit in any way from using Black Bloc tactics are the Protesters. 

Go figure ....

There will probably be a lot more to say on this issue as the dust settles.

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