Sunday, August 05, 2012

Unveiling Stratfor 1: WikiLeaks

I’m amazed, excited and looking forward to the writing opportunity that I’ve recently been entrusted with.

It seems that WikiLeaks has expanded their base into Bloggerland and is allowing me and presumably other bloggers access to the GI (Global Intelligence) File archives consisting of the Stratfor data obtained by Wikileaks, and, for the purpose of researching them and writing articles based on the information in them.

Of course, my first search was “Anonymous” and “Lulzsec”…

What a fascinating look into the minds of the analysts and the company, apparently known as the “Shadow CIA”.

So far, they don’t appear to be too evil but I suspect I’ve just scratched the surface in the last few hours.

More to come over the next week ….

The Unveiling Stratfor series of articles is being produced as the result of an investigative partnership organised by WikiLeaks, based on data obtained and released by WikiLeaks.

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