Friday, July 29, 2016

#Anonymous And The Disruptors Within

TY to #IntelGroup for publishing this ♥
#Anonymous And The Disruptors Within / Kitty Hundal
"I’m writing this post as an educational FYI to Anons. The more you know about how the disruptors behave and the kind of activities they engage in, the better equipped you will be to address these issues when you are faced with them. And remember, one of the strategies that appears most frequently, at this time, is to have legitimate social activists persistently and viciously attacked by people claiming to be Anons but whose goal appears to be to disassociate those activists from Anonymous. The union of Anonymous, social activism like Occupy, and Whistleblowers, is a powerful one. In my opinion, it’s this union that is being targeted. " ~KH
Read the full article published by IntelGroup here: #Anonymous And The Disruptors Within

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