Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google's New TiSP Beta

To those of you who have taken advantage of Google's very generous TiSP offer but are having trouble installing your systems, help is available!

Just go to: Google TiSP Discussion and the wisdom of the tech masses is at your fingertips.

Great advice and suggestions to get you through your installation troubles!

Check it out if you haven't got it: Google TiSP

Special features available for the deaf: Deaf Base TiSP

Video presentation on installing the system is available here:

The following suggestion from "illuminus" was quite helpful in getting my system running but has worsened my dropped packets problem.

"You have to use the eXtended Length Ansynchronous Transfer, (or
X.L.A.X.), to stream packet heavy data. I get a little bit of gurgling
with VOIP, but for torrents I'm getting lots of seeds from my peers.
Bandwidth caps out at about 1 Gpp / sec. "

Any suggestions?

With new technology comes new challenges so I've developed BactVirScanner (to sterilize the data stream) and GFlush Drive to store solid datapackets. Available free for download on request ;).

Don't you just love Google? ;) Too funny!


One more Installation Video

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Derek Leung said...

haha LOL
Google is always that funny.