Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On A Lighter Note

I love May in Toronto.

The last vestiges of Winter are being wiped out. The sunshine and warmth in the air heralds the promise of dresses, sandals, patios, long walks, and all the other wonderful outdoor things I associate with a Toronto summer.

A lot of us hibernate here in the winter time except for those into winter sports, and I'm not exactly the sporty type :).

I had my first Dairy Queen Blizzard of the season ... something I should be avoiding since I'm trying to lose weight ... but hey ... I was celebrating.

I watch the motorcyclists with envy this year. I was re-introduced to biking in the last couple of years, after many years. The last time I was on a bike previously was when I was 16. In the last couple of years I dated 2 men who had bikes and didn't mind me riding on the back! So much fun. However, they've moved on, and I'm envying those with their own.

Since I'm currently only periodically employed as a software developer contractor, I'll have to wait to implement my dream of getting my own bike and learning to ride it ... sigh ... .

Anyone out there want to offer me a permanent, full-time job as a software developer?


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