Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Message To Those Hosting DarkNet Pedophile Sites

I'm going to go with the assumption that you are not pedophiles.

Regular Pornography is obviously not the same thing as Child Pornography. Regular Pornography involves consenting adults and is viewed by consenting adults. If you have to make money through the production of pornography is there a reason why you can't (or won't) focus on the Adult side.

I'm assuming that you are aware that Child Pornography uses real children who do not have the legal ability to consent. We are talking about adults who are actually physically, psychologically and emotionally abusing/sexually assaulting real children and posting pictures of that abuse on the Internet.

This is a criminal act. It's a criminal act because children don't have the ability to consent and it's the responsibility of each and every person in our society to protect those who are vulnerable. Children are at the top of that list because they are the most vulnerable. That makes it your responsibility too.

This is also why pedophiles don't have the right to engage in pedophilia whether it's a sexual orientation or not, or whether it's limited to viewing images on the Internet or not. The few who have publicly claimed to limit their activity to viewing these images have been demonstrated to be liars.

Are you aware of the fact that one pedophile can and often does physically, psychologically and emotionally abuse/sexually assault numerous real children, sometimes hundreds.

When Anonymous identified 190 pedophiles who frequent these seriously hard-core and seriously abusive pedophile sites, they may also have contributed to identifying and saving hundreds of children from continued abuse.

For this, Anonymous deserves our thanks and appreciation.

If you want to find out what the impact of this kind of serious abuse can have on a child, then I suggest you read a book called, When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase.  There are also numerous others written by victims of child abuse/sexual assault.

If you are hosting these sites, and if you are doing so based on some misguided interpretation of "free speech", you should do well to remember that the limitations on these pedophile sites are not free speech limitations. They are legal limitations based on the necessity of protecting our children from serious abuse which is a criminal act.

Please stop enabling them.

The TOR system is a good system and has been invaluable to those who live in oppressive countries.

And those who contributed to the creation of the TOR system also deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Don't let it be abused by scum.

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