Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Toronto: Peacefully Evicted Today

The eviction of the Occupy Toronto posters is occurring now (7:39AM).

One of the comments made by protesters was that the police were violating numerous by-laws in the process of the eviction.

May I respectfully remind the Toronto Police Service that they are not above the law including Municipal By-Laws.

8:00AM. The Livestream and several protestors are indicating that CUPE Local 416 is participating in tent removal.

May I also respectfully remind CUPE Local 416 that it is not their job to to perform TPS duties. Clearing the tents amounts to enforcing the law. This is a TPS duty.

8:24AM. Sound cannon (LRAD) observed and police announce that they are planning to use it as a speaker. Request protestors move back.

8:30AM. Police announce (using LRAD as a speaker) that they are attempting the peaceful removal of all structures in the park and are asking for the cooperation of protestors in complying with the court order by removing their possessions and leaving the park. Anyone needing housing and support is invited to attend Adelaide Women's Center for assistance. Once cleared, St. James Park will be open to the public and protestors will be free to engage in their right to free speech. (Paraphrased).

8:35AM. Protestors remind everyone of:
Section 2(c) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, of the people of [city] to peacefully assemble.


Criminal Code C46, Section 176:

Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings

(2) Every one who willfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offense punishable on summary conviction.


(3) Every one who, at or near a meeting referred to in subsection (2), willfully does anything that disturbs the order or solemnity of the meeting is guilty of an offense punishable on summary conviction.

I certainly hope that Occupy Toronto lawyers are taking note of all of this.

Watch live streaming video from occupytoronto at

This Message From Anonymous has been mirrored to my blog due harassment of Anonymous resulting in removal of their videos from YouTube.

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