Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Our New Canada #StopBillC51

In 1933, Hitler established various policies both before and after he took absolute power. Some were:
1. Censorship
2. Gun Control
3. A Bill virtually identical to C-51 (as per Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer)
4. A Bill virtually identical to the Barbaric Practices Act called the Malicious Practices Act
5. The only people considered German were those the Nazis deemed 'genetically' pure germans and German Citizenship was restricted to them.

The REAL issues facing Canadians today are C-51, C-24, the Barbaric Practices Act, the Border Security Act, (just to name a FEW) not the manufactured issues fabricated by MSM, based on flawed logic and falsified statistics like gun control, anti-smoking bigotry, anti-male bigotry, ETC.

And note, that these Bills recently passed in Canada make most of the crimes committed in this book LEGAL!

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