Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Toronto: MSNBC Reporter Lets Loose On Police Brutality Against Occupy Protesters In The US

Interesting commentary. The MSNBC reporter in the following video (end of this post) is making points in his statement that I've been making for the past few years on my blog. 

The vast majority of members of our police, intelligence, military and security apparatus are good people whose motivation is to help and serve the communities they work for.

A small minority of these members are corrupt and abuse their power by illegally and criminally attacking the citizenry whether they are protesters, individuals they don't like, organizations they don't agree with, etc.

A blind eye is turned to these crimes committed by that small minority which not only enables them to continue their criminal acts, but often times results in them promoting each other to higher levels in those agencies exacerbating the problem even further.

The higher the positions they hold the more damage they can and do inflict on the populace.

This activity occurs regularly in Canada and is ignored by those agencies, the media, the politicians, etc. no matter how much evidence is available to support the claims of this abuse. Those who complain are marginalized and further abused by the system.

The frame-up and on-going malicious persecution of Kevin Annett in 2010 and before, in Vancouver,  and the on-going malicious persecution of myself in Brampton, and for years previous in other communities, by certain individual police employees, members of the community, medical "professionals" and staff, social agency employees, businesses, etc. are just two examples. There is a mountain of evidence to support our claims. I am in touch with Canadians on the Internet who have been so terrorized by what is happening to them that they are terrified to identify themselves. Social activists, whistle-blowers, etc. are frequently targeted in this way.

On those rare occasions when police and state corruption is acknowledged, it's usually dealt with by toothless "public inquiries", the results of which are either ignored, buried, have no impact, or have a negative impact.

A recent example of this type of toothless "public inquiry" is the Missing Women Inquiry in Vancouver. Allegedly inquiring into the lack of investigation by the RCMP E-Division into the Pickton serial killings which resulted in approximately 50 murders (according to Pickton). One can only wait for the eventual and predictable white-wash.

In the end, these criminals are rarely held accountable for their crimes. They either retire or get ousted and are rewarded with cushy jobs elsewhere. RCMP Commissioner Elliot is going to be working as a UN Representative to Interpol at the taxpayers expense.

It's these criminals who are corrupt, who maliciously persecute and who abuse their power, whether they be members of the security/military apparatus, politicians, corporate executives, government employees, etc. who are responsible for the reduction of public confidence in our system and in our security apparatus.

They are the one's who are actively undermining our democratic system and it's time we stopped allowing them the special privilege of being above the law and immune to investigation and prosecution.

It's also time that those members of our police, intelligence, military and security apparatus who are good people and whose motivation is to help and serve the communities they work for, stand up to this corruption and expose it. That's how the special privilege of the corrupt among them will be removed.

If you care about the integrity and public reputation of the services you work for you'll speak out against the criminals in your midst.

WikiLeaks exists for a reason and is confidential and anonymous for a reason.

This is one example of the type of corruption and abuse of power that I, as one voice in the Occupy Toronto movement, want to see an end to.

Thank you to Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC for telling it like it is!

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