Saturday, June 29, 2013

Canada Day - A Time of Mourning for First Nations Across the Land - Wear Black Arm Bands

The following is a Note copied from The Four Elements of Change Facebook page.

For all who support the #IDLENOMORE movement as I do, this is a beautiful idea.

Let us unbind ourselves.

Let us unbind ourselves and turn to the world around us in a DAY OF MOURNING ON CANADA DAY.

This is an easy suggestion for all in Canada - All people supporting Idle No More. Lets wear a black arm band on Canada Day - in public. A big one, hanging down our arms. If anyone asks - educate them by saying they are celebrating "their country's National holiday" on the backs of First Nations. Canada Day in a country that has destroyed hundred of smaller Nations to call themselves Canada - is truly a day of Mourning - BLACK.

Remember the churches schools and the humiliation of racism - shame is a powerful tool when it speaks to the truth. Use it in an educational way as they are human beings and will feel their own shame - maybe enough to inform themselves what is truly happening inside First Nations. This also helps us to walk toward our true collective healing - which we are all going to have to do anyhow!

 When Canada celebrates a day that represents the loss of Sovereign rights for First Nations, it is truly a day of mourning for First Nations. Lets see how well our networking is and get this to go viral across the country. Buddy up with someone, bring your drum and invite people to sit with you and share why you wear black. Every immigrant to these lands will know what black means. This is our Summer of Sovereignty and what a fitting way to start - up front and in public. No more hiding! We will see who is an Ally then.

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