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Stalking As An Addiction

The following is an article by an online friend of mine known as Medawar, and author of the blog, Medawar's Cornflakes.

Republished post from November 23, 2011.

Once upon a time, Medawar described the whole nasty business of stalking and organized harassment to a psychiatrist, and asked him what might need to be wrong with someone before they would spend most of their time plotting to destroy an innocent person's happiness, freedom, livelihood, freedom, health, relationships and ultimately drive them out of life. The answer was startlingly immediate, crisp and precise: "they only need to enjoy doing it."

This doesn't deny or contradict any of the conspiracies behind stalking groups, gangs and cults. It just explains that participants in those groups, can both be more simple and more twisted than the group itself. The group may be motivated, controlled and manipulated in all sorts of directions, by all kinds of powerful people and forces. But never forget that a proportion of the "perps" are stalking and destroying people, because it gives them a fierce pleasure to so do.

This, in turn, gives anyone controlling or manipulating a stalking group another lever to pull, because they can use the most tempting victims as a way of recruiting stalkers. It can be an incentive: "drive this strong man to suicide, and I've got a single mother you can do what you like with." Of course, some sadists may have a more obscure definition of an ideal victim, but those in charge are presumably experienced and know what this might be. Still, many sadists are very, very attracted to the mother-child bond and the ways it can be used to inflict agony both ways.

Anything that a psychopathic personality enjoys, can easily prove addictive. And it's also worth noting that the worst sadists are usually also pathological liars.

So, amongst all the "perps" who are in the stalking group for gain, out of fear or because they have been lied to and manipulated by the pathological liars, will be the sadists and pathological liars themselves. And they will be enjoying every minute of every victim's despair and destruction. Though they may present themselves as ardent believers in and practitioners of whatever the group's ideology is supposed to be (and they may have invented much of it!) in reality they will care only about the process and not the cause.

And because that process of destroying people is addictive to them, they will join more than one stalking group in the course of their careers. Indeed, even if they start out by joining one group after another, sooner or later they will be in two groups at once, then three or four.

Now, if they are addicted to the sadistic process, these individuals may also have favourite victims. What happens when a sadist, addicted to the stalking process and a particular victim, compelled also to forcing people to accept impossible lies, moves from one stalking group to another?

Well, after they have inserted themselves into that group and become its most apparently reliable and conforming member, they will insert their favourite victim into that group's target list, along with a legend making that victim an ideal target within the group's ideology. And the group that sadist has left (assuming that they have indeed severed ties with their old group: not always the case) won't necessarily stop stalking that victim either.

It is not only possible that some stalking targets will end up being stalked by two, four, six or more different groups, for quite different ostensible reasons: given the nature of stalking and some of its most determined and remorseless participants, it's actually the most likely thing to happen to anyone who manages to survive being stalked for any length of time.

Don't be surprised, either, if the ostensible reasons for stalking of a single individual or household by different groups actually contradict each other. This, too, is the most likely state of affairs if the individuals driving the process are pathological liars, because they delight in tying people in contradictions. There is even an element of mental sadism in what is done to non-sadistic participants in stalking gangs, because invariably what is actually happening, will be the opposite of what they think is happening or what they want to happen.

A stalking gang is a subtle form of Hell let loose upon the Earth and the distinction between "perp" and "target" can easily blur,when someone in the group enjoys making his colleagues achieve the opposite of what they hope to achieve.

The stalking gang "SHAC" which was set up in 1999 with the aim of using stalking and direct violence to drive a company called "Huntingdon Life Sciences" out of business, has recently collapsed, whilst HLS (on the verge of closure in 1999) is a thriving company, going from strength to strength. Aggrieved former members of SHAC see this as a conspiracy by "Big Pharma", and while it's true that SHAC's heavy use of direct violence, arson, blackmail and grave-robbery (in Switzerland, Sweden, France Germany, the USA and Austria as well as the UK) prompted infiltration of the group by three undercover policemen of dubious reliability and competence, the fact that SHAC achieved the precise opposite of what its loyal supporters wanted, probably reflects that at some point, someone came to control SHAC who secretly took a perverse delight in making this happen.

It may have taken twelve years for SHAC to hit the Arctic Ocean, but the group and nearly all of its supporters were rushing over a cliff from the very beginning. Not because of government and business reaction to SHAC's campaign, but because the group contained at least one pathological liar who delighted in spending a decade manipulating SHAC's supporters into destroying their own dream.

A few years before SHAC was founded, the Dunblane massacre was immediately followed by the appearance of an anti-gun charity called "SAGE" which was run from Chelmsford, in Essex, which is hundreds of miles from Dunblane and not at all accessible to any of the parents of murdered children who were invited to act as figureheads for SAGE. Newspaper editors were bullied into giving SAGE free advertising space for fund-raising advertisements, and millions of pounds and dollars started to flow in, from all over the world.

SAGE was the invention of one man, whose real identity is still unknown, who had been released from Norwich jail two weeks before the charity appeared, having completed a sentence for fraud. SAGE was supposed to be a Swiss-based anti-gun charity, which is as likely as a Dutch campaign to ban pipes and clogs. Still, millions believed this contradiction in terms and sent their money. The charity's founder received a phone call from Chelmsford CID, politely asking him to be present at the SAGE office the next day so that detectives could ask him about the charitable registration and the handling of the charity's finances. By the next day, he wasn't there, and neither was any of the money. Amount unknown, but believed to be rather more than four million pounds.

By the time the hue and cry about SAGE had died away, SHAC was born. Had the detectives not taken an interest, SAGE might have started to persecute stalk gun-clubs and sporting shooters the way that SHAC stalked medical researchers: who can tell? But the adverts and the tone of all its material was headed in that direction from day one.

Medawar is struck by the equivalence of the twists and contra-logic, which supporters of both SAGE and SHAC were made to swallow.

Psychopaths destroy any enterprise in which they become engaged. They can build companies, but those companies collapse with unsecured debts and missing funds in all directions. They gain high political office: wars and economic collapse commence. They start a cause-stalking group, or take it over: its members spend years of their lives achieving the precise opposite of what they hoped for.

And they always walk away from the rubble and do the same thing again.

Kitty Hundal. June 9, 2013: It's standard practice for stalkers and organized stalking rings to falsely accuse their targets of stalking. This is actually part of the Profile of a Stalker. 

How does one tell the difference? 

Find out who initiated the campaign. That person is the stalker. However, keep in mind that stalkers are often psychopaths or sociopathic in nature which means that they go to great lengths to create false impressions including attempting to create the false impression that the target initiated the crime. 

In order to be certain one has to dig deep and verify everything. The liar is always the stalker. 

Most stalking victims either try to ignore the stalking (a huge mistake) or will respond with the truth (best approach).

Stalkers are also cowards as a result they hate to act alone and are constantly attempting to recruit support for their bullying campaigns of lies. This is usually not difficult to do since there are almost always ignoramuses available, who, for reasons of their own, love to jump into the trolling fray.

Or, in the case of wealthy stalkers are greedy and will do almost anything to avoid working as well as make some easy money.

Adults who condone and support this activity amongst teenagers are contributing to the delinquency of a minor and there are many who do including those who should know better (mothers and teachers).

Whether the stalker is some sleazeball, garden variety, criminal, a sleazeball, wealthy stalker with an organized stalking ring at his disposal, or a state-organized stalking ring, the strategies and tactics employed are always the same. The organized stalking ring just has more high level resources at their disposal.

The best overall strategy to fight back is: the more they persist, the more the target should stand up with the truth. This approach will eventually end or become a deterrent to these bullies who currently act with impunity because no-one, including the target, will stand up to them. 

Not standing up to them empowers, encourages and enables them.

Standing up to them and not backing down exposes them to everyone, reveals their true character,  protects others from getting caught up in their webs of deceit, and acts as a deterrent.

Yes they enjoy stalking, abusing and bullying others but they also hate being exposed as stalkers, abusers, and bullies. They hate having their mask of sanity ripped off and their real selves revealed to the world. 

And they always recognize themselves ;-D.

Who the following person is, isn't important (except in his own paranoid, narcissistic mind) but I'm not surprised that he recognized himself in that post despite the fact that post wasn't about him. It was written in 2007. Since he made his presence known on the Internet, as far as I can tell, he has done nothing but engage in cyberstalking and harassment and appears to take great pleasure in it.

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